Enterprise Advisory Services

Open Spectrum’s Enterprise Advisory Services provide you with the tools necessary to navigate the maze of solutions in the Data Center Marketplace and build the right data center platform solution for you or your clients. The Open Spectrum team of experienced industry experts can help you answer questions like these:

  • What’s the best data center for my infrastructure?
  • Which hosted or virtual infrastructure is right for my applications?
  • How do my existing contracts compare to the current market rates?

Open Spectrum’s Enterprise Advisory Services is an extension to your team, providing experience and knowledge that will get your further, faster – guaranteed.

Save Time

By touring and vetting hundreds of facilities and service providers around the world, and creating a massive proprietary database of relevant metrics for each facility and provider, we have already done the hard work for you.

Leverage our network, thought leadership, and resources to find the ideal solution in a fraction of the time.

Save Money

Having negotiated hundreds of contracts and agreements for companies of all shapes and sizes, our experience has taught us countless tips and tricks that have saved our clients millions of dollars over the years.

Our involvement will save you money – guaranteed.

Better Terms

Our unique and agnostic vantage point within the industry, coupled with the volume we clear with providers around the world, gives us leverage & experience only the likes of Google, Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, and a few others can match.

Whether you’re procuring new services, or re-negotiating contracts for existing services, put our experience to work for you.

Data Center Enterprise Advisory Services


Migrating physical infrastructure, virtual applications, and work loads has become easier over the past few years and yet it still remains extremely complex and costly. Thankfully, we have sourcing specialists with decades of experience working with hundreds of clients to successfully project manage and execute these migrations.

Build vs Buy

If you are considering building your own data center, or migrating to a third party data center or hosting service provider, we can help you build the financial models to understand what your true Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) would be – regardless of which path you choose.

Contract (Re)Negotiations

If you entered into an agreement with an infrastructure provider within the last 5 years, we guarantee we can help you rightsize your agreements to current market rates and shift the balance of risk in your favor. Even if you are mid-contract with a data center, hosting, or carrier solutions provider, we guarantee we can help you negotiate for better pricing and deal terms TODAY.

TCO Analysis

When was the last time you performed a detailed analysis of what your existing infrastructure environment, and the corresponding team supporting the environment, is costing you and your firm? Have you ever considered what it would cost to outsource some, or all, of this environment and support team to a third party service provider? Our team can help you better understand the underlying financial truths and risks associated with both your existing reality and potential options available so that you can make accurate decisions short and long term.

RFP Development

Unfortunately, the RFP process today serves as a drain for both clients and solution providers. Having executed and negotiated hundreds of agreements, our experience is guaranteed to cut through the red tape, navigate you to Truth, and streamline this process.

Contract Audits

When was the last time you performed a complete audit of your existing infrastructure and service contracts? Open Spectrum will perform a physical audit of your data center environment, power utilization records, and rack design. Once documented, we correlate actual utilization and load to contractual terms and invoices. Optimization possibilities, risk, and corresponding financial realities, tied to your existing environment, will be documented and reviewed.


Based on your business model, economic drivers, long-term goals, existing infrastructure deployed, and in-house talent available, what would be the most affordable and effective mix of services and solutions for your business? Leveraging our experience and expertise in the industry, we can quickly align solutions and negotiate contracts with providers to ensure the best possible solution, price, and balance of risk.

What our buyers say about us

Jerod Powell, INFINIT Consulting

In a word I would describe Open Spectrum as impressive! They have an amazing amount of knowledge and been an amazing business partner and industry source for contacts, referrals,...

Mark Berger, CHI Franciscan Health

The Boot Camp provided an excellent learning experience. Sean’s presentation, materials and tour served to identify and explain the core data center systems and considerations....

Abel Cuskelly, Pogoseat

Open Spectrum has saved me and my team a ton of time and money thinking and walking through all of the available options in the market. They took the time to speak to how each...

Ram Akuka, Deutsche Telekom

Open Spectrum soon turned out to be our go to for every IT related consultant or provider we needed. By using Open Spectrum's services we were able to find most of our current...

Richard Donaldson, Ebay

Having bought and sold many megawatts worth of power within data centers around the world and started and sold a managed services firm in the past, I can assure you the Delta...
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