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Buying Data Center, Cloud, and Hosting Services

Open Spectrum’s tactical involvement will save you and your firm time and money – guaranteed.  Buyer services include:
  • Infrastructure and Contract Audits
  • General Sourcing and Procurement
  • RFP Development and Process Management
  • Contract (Re)Negotiations
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis and Comparisons
  • Physical and Virtual Migrations
  • Build vs. Buy Analysis
Leverage our unique and agnostic vantage point within the industry to build a solution that is right for you.

Selling Data Center, Cloud, and Hosting Services

Executives in our industry can be lost without a clear understanding of all facets of the industry, and the unique dialect spoken within.  Seller services include:
  • Data Center Industry Training
  • Career Development Coaching
  • M&A Due Diligence Assessments
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Site Selection Analysis and Comparisons
  • Regional Market Reporting and Assessments
Increase your industry knowledge, power, and influence.

Investing in the Data Center, Cloud, and Hosting Industry

When seeking returns in the data center industry, Open Spectrum’s experience and insight working with buyers and sellers throughout the data center ecosystem is your strategic advantage.  Investor services include:
  • Investment Opportunity Origination
  • Due Diligence Assessments
  • Competitive Market Reporting
  • Data Center Industry Training for Investors
  • Other Advisory Services

Maximize your investment returns and minimize your risk today.

What our customers say about us

Richard Donaldson, Ebay

Having bought and sold many megawatts worth of power within data centers around the world and started and sold a managed services firm in the past, I can assure you the Delta...
testimonials Transwestern

Andrew Marcus, Transwestern

The volume of unbiased market intelligence found within Open Spectrum is impressive and actionable. Without question an incredible resource for our team and all buyers, service...
testimonials IIX

Bill Norton, IIX

These guys run a strong workshop based on actual experience in the field. You will learn the essentials - there is no fluff in this material - and be better positioned to do your...
testimonials deutsche telekom

Ram Akuka, Deutsche Telekom

Open Spectrum soon turned out to be our go to for every IT related consultant or provider we needed. By using Open Spectrum's services we were able to find most of our current...

Frank Eagle, QTS

Open Spectrum use their unique ability to both think strategically and execute to deliver results for their clients. Their passion to deliver great value has enabled the...
testimonials c7

Jeff Swain, C7

My sales team, after attending the private bootcamp, was easily twice as effective identifying, qualifying and closing deals. We have had continual growth year over year and I...
testimonials Microcorp

Phil Keenan, Microcorp

In a world where technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate, it is impossible to keep your current role, and fill your role as a trusted advisor to your customers, by...
testimonials crossvergence

Rob Butler, Crossvergence

My ability to qualify data center colocation opportunities has increased exponentially through the time spent attending the Open Spectrum bootcamps and continually reading...
testimonials pogoseat

Abel Cuskelly, Pogoseat

Open Spectrum has saved me and my team a ton of time and money thinking and walking through all of the available options in the market. They took the time to speak to how each...
testimonials infinit consulting

Jerod Powell, INFINIT Consulting

In a word I would describe Open Spectrum as impressive! They have an amazing amount of knowledge and been an amazing business partner and industry source for contacts, referrals,...

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Don't drown in the details. Receive career changing content for free.

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