The Internet Peering Playbook by Bill Norton




One can understand the protocols, the technologies, and the routing algorithms, but that doesn’t tell the story. The Internet is a global ecosystem of cooperating and competing networks strategically interconnected to maximize performance and minimize costs. If you are operating a growing Internet service, it is essential to understand how the Internet Peering Ecosystem works at the core. You will learn how the largest content and Internet service companies: *Determine when and how to connect to the Core of the Internet *Select the right peers and Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) *Choose between public and private peering *Make a provable business case for peering *Apply the “Tricks-of-the-Trade” to obtain peering with the key players *Establish and grow critical mass at an Internet Exchange Point *Leverage Remote Peering into Internet Exchange Points *Establish an International Peering Strategy This is the book you need to understand strategies and tactics for Internet Peering, Transit and Exchange Points, collected from some of the smartest peering coordinators and IXP operators in the world.

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