Client Bill of Rights

Our objective is to build a long-term personal relationship with you and your organization. To this end, as we begin our engagement together, we would like to share with you the heartfelt commitments we are making within this Client Bill of Rights. At the end of this document is our Statement of Client Intent that speaks to a few commitments we hope you, in return, can make to ensure our mutual success.

  1. We will put service before profit.
    • We put the needs of our clients before our bottom line.
    • We do not let compensation influence the decision to find a “best-fit” for the client.
  2. We will be honest about our knowledge.
    • We do not have the answer to every question however, we do work with partners on many levels who are experts in their related fields, and thus, we find it is better to seek their counsel first rather than provide false information or direction.
  3. We will be transparent about our compensation, our bias, and our intentions.
    • When asked a direct question, you will always receive a direct and honest answer. We have nothing to hide and honor transparency within our personal and professional lives.
  4. We do not take or give bribes.
    • We will not take leads or referrals collected from, or through, unethical or illegal sources.
    • We will not receive or provide illegal kickbacks of any form.
  5. We are driven by our passion and strive to act in excellence within all of our efforts.
    • We believe all of our actions are in service of a Higher Will and should be intentional and driven toward excellence, as the highest Will is deserving of nothing less than our very best.
  6. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions whether professional, personal, internal, or external.
    • Bad things and mistakes do happen, but we will always take responsibility for our actions. We will also try to fix an issue that occurs, regardless of the root cause, once it is brought to our attention.
  7. We treat ALL people with respect, no matter who they are.
    • Not everyone’s actions are respectable but our response and reactions to people and circumstances should be.
  8. We will provide value beyond our IT ecosystem into the world at large.
    • Our priorities, in order of importance, are to serve the Highest Will, our Family, our Community, our Clients, and our professional ecosystem at large.
  9. We will confront, expose, and attempt to uproot corruption wherever we see it.
    • Almost everyone hates corruption, but we all enjoy enriching ourselves. In some cases, the lines can get fuzzy but here are some examples of the games that we see played by sales executives, corporate executives, and buyers themselves within our industry:
      • Bribery
      • CRM Hacking for Lead Generation
      • Under-the-Table Kickbacks & Negotiations
      • Biased or Weighty Incentives Driving Vendor Selection
      • Partner Tagging without Partner Involvement or Value Add
<h1 style="text-align: center;">Statement of Client Intent</h1>
  1. I will help hold Open Spectrum accountable if I feel any of their actions or intentions deviate from the statements outlined above.
  2. I will be honest in my communications with Open Spectrum, especially those relevant to the technical projects we are working on together.
  3. I will communicate directly to and with Open Spectrum as soon as a problem, or potential problem, arises.
  4. I will be transparent in the needs of my company, my co-workers, and myself as accurate information is the only way all parties involved can make informed decisions and get closer to achieving the successful resolution we seek.
  5. I will treat every party involved, including the clients we work with, with the utmost respect and consideration I expect in return.
  6. If I cannot comply with any of the items within the Statement of Partner Intent, I will inform Open Spectrum immediately and discuss my concerns. If I simply do not resonate with these statements, or feel I cannot work within their framework, I understand that Open Spectrum may not be the ideal partner for me, or my firm, to engage with at this time.