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Increasing Your Industry Knowledge, Power, and Influence

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Executives are hindered without a clear understanding of the many complexities within the data center industry and its unique dialect

Selling Data Center, Cloud, and Hosting Services

The nuances of the data center industry are extremely complex and ever changing.  Critical decisions made without accurate data or visibility can result in millions of dollars of lost revenue.  Precise and accurate market intelligence can be the difference between the service providers who are industry leaders, and the ones who are struggling to stay afloat.  Our experience across hundreds of unique clients and providers affords us an unmatched level of industry intelligence, from both a tactical and strategic level.  We can provide the intelligence and significant industry insight to ensure you are making the right data backed decisions for the continued growth of your company.

Increasing Your Industry Knowledge, Power, and Influence

Open Spectrum Services to Sellers

Data Center Industry Training for Sellers


Service Overview

Our world-class industry training has been forged from years in the trenches of buying, selling, and consulting to data center and mission critical IT transactions, and provides a distinct competitive advantage to all who attend them. We offer flexible and customizable formats that match the specific requirements of our clients, with the end result of increased profitability through improved volume and velocity of closed data center opportunities.

Facility & Practice Assessments


Service Overview

Our team is available to perform comprehensive facility and organizational assessments so our clients can better understand where they fit within the industry today, and make strategic decisions to increase their market share and competitive positioning. These assessments can be as involved as a client wishes and may include analysis of the following: power and cooling infrastructure, MMR and connectivity, security, operational policies and procedures, MSA, SLA, and existing contract audits, personnel review, pricing, and service offerings.

Site Selection Analysis & Comparisons 


Service Overview

As your company expands, we can provide in-depth analysis, comparisons, and recommendations for targeted properties that will fit your organization’s go-to-market strategy. If you already have possible property assets identified, we can assist with vetting everything from power pricing, occupancy rates, local carriers, real estate costs, local client characteristics, and other expansion opportunities within the region.

Career Development Coaching 


Service Overview

Open Spectrum’s training events have proven to be a career changing experience for hundreds of industry professionals. We understand, however, that there are times when a personal trainer experience may be more ideal to answer questions around a specific industry topic. This one-hour, personalized, one-on-one training is for you if you can’t attend an upcoming scheduled training event or you have specific questions on specific topics you need answered ASAP.

Go-to-Market Strategy


Service Overview

The data center industry is a crowded place these days, and a strong go-to-market strategy is imperative to successful growth. Leverage our extensive industry expertise to provide guidance on how to maximize your returns through optimizing your sales and marketing strategy. Often paired with our facility and practice assessments, we can provide the insight on how to position your data center offering as a power player within the market you are competing in. We assist with identifying key traits and features unique to your company and services, and then co-develop a strategy to allow you to target the client verticals and demographics that will have the highest rate of success.

Regional Market Reporting & Assessments


Service Overview

If you seek industry data and intelligence on a particular data center market, there is no one better-equipped to provide you these insights than Open Spectrum. Our reports provide the strategic insights to markets that enable you to quickly and efficiently make decisions that can have a lasting financial impact on your organization. Our comprehensive reports can be customized to cover any data points necessary, but most include: profile of the region, existing providers, costs of power, fiber routes, natural disaster threats, volume of data center transactions, average market pricing, industry insights, verticals that typically buy data center space in the region, and much more.

What sellers say about us

testimonials Microcorp

Phil Keenan, Microcorp

In a world where technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate, it is impossible to keep your current role, and fill your role as a trusted advisor to your customers, by...
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Scott McConnell, Equinix

Open Spectrum's knowledge of the US and European data center and managed services markets is second to none. I have engaged with Open Spectrum as a business partner and referral...
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Dave Jenkins, C7

C7 recommends the DeltaForceIT data center training for sales, technical and customer support personnel. Truly top notch training that is relevant to all facets of the data...

Frank Eagle, QTS

Open Spectrum use their unique ability to both think strategically and execute to deliver results for their clients. Their passion to deliver great value has enabled the...
testimonials c7

Jeff Swain, C7

My sales team, after attending the private bootcamp, was easily twice as effective identifying, qualifying and closing deals. We have had continual growth year over year and I...
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