What customers Say About Our Process and Program

Rachel Weissberg, Coresite

It is always tough to commit to being out of the office for a day and even more so to sit through training. I am so happy that I did as it definitely helped to put all of the pieces together and offer me the foundation I need to be successful in this space. You are so engaging as an instructor the time flew by.

Sammer Fam, Livingstones

This has been a great eye opener for me. As a consultancy firm to a Data Center overseas, I wanted to get to know more of the how we can enter the U.S. market and make a presence. The Trainer along with the Trainees, have been a very valuable resource to move forward in this industry. It is a great program and I do applaud the efforts done to put this material together and present it by a very experienced guy in the industry.

Chris Flemming, Fort Capital Resources

Sean Tario is a professional and his mind share on the Data Center space is second to none. He brings both passion and excitement to the Open Spectrum trainings which translates into a positive experience. He has a unique ability to simplify the complex while focusing on what is relevant, allowing you to walk away with the edge you need to differentiate. If anyone is looking for a Grand Master Jedi Trainer in the Data Center space, Sean Tario is your guy.

Rhadha Thombre, Coresite

Data Center Boot camp is by far the best training program for anyone in the Data Center Industry. We have a great corporate training program already but the depth and insight that Data Center Boot camp provided really pulled all the pieces together. Even the most tenured reps would benefit from taking this course. I’ve never been happier with the teaching style of any trainer. Sean’s passion shines through and gave me a new perspective on the industry. The course is not only very informative but fun and because of Sean’s impressive background in sales, it contained many unique insights that aren’t obtained without many years in the field.

Brandon Peccoralo, IO

The Open Spectrum training program is an extremely comprehensive course that covers the essential facets of the data center, managed services, and cloud industry. Unquestionably this course is effective for anyone looking to enter the marketplace or simply wanting to brush up on their skills.

Jason Dill, zColo

Open Spectrum bootcamp is a worthwhile endeavor for both the new and veteran player in the industry. Sean is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor. I highly endorse the training for anyone who works with in the data center space.

Doug Fulton, Digital Realty

Sean Tario’s Bootcamp was unlike any other training I’ve been through. He really is an expert and thought leader who conveys his wealth of knowledge with tremendous energy. This is a great training and everyone, no matter who they are, will walk away having learned valuable information.

Scott Clark, Coresite

The Open Spectrum Data Center Boot Camp is an invaluable experience for people who are both new to the industry and for seasoned veterans. The level of industry experience and expertise that the trainer had made me confident and comfortable that I was receiving current, valid and valuable training for the data center industry. I highly recommend the course to anyone who is just getting started in the data center business and anyone who is looking to get up to date and refresh their knowledge!

John Firmin, New World Communications

I thought the training was excellent. It was very informative, and it was thorough. It is not a marketing session designed to promote data center companies, it is an educational session to increase knowledge for the overall industry, which is exactly what we were looking for. Sean is very knowledgable and was a tremendous resource for us.

Kevin Knight, Kiamesha Global LLC

The session was insightful and entertaining. Sean has a remarkable grasp of the data center industry and an uncanny ability to communicate technical data in plain English. I highly recommend Open Spectrum training to anyone working in the industry who needs to understand the day to day operation of today’s data center environment.

Greg Cote, Open Sky

I really enjoyed the event. I obtained a great deal of valuable information over a relatively short period of time. Sean kept things moving at a quick but easily digestible pace. I will certainly be leveraging the comprehensive and up-to-date course reference material during my future data center planning initiatives. Definitely worth the price of admission.

Greg Nares, vXchnge

I’ve attended many training sessions over the last 10+ years and found the Open Spectrum Boot Camp to be refreshing and a valuable use of my time. Sean’s approach, deep industry knowledge and passion keeps the sessions flowing and not only provides a good technical background but real world knowledge of what’s going on in the industry. Whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced veteran you’ll enjoy the course.

Frank Marinaro, vXchnge

I had a great time at Open Spectrum, it definitely helped me learn quite a bit more about the IT and the many facets of the colocation industry. The instructors were extraordinarily knowledgeable and very adept and simplifying somewhat complicated subjects. As a newcomer to the industry this was definitely a great way to enhance my understanding and better prepare myself for future interactions with potential clients.

RJ Prego, Telehouse

The Open Spectrum team does an extraordinary job putting together a comprehensive curriculum breaking down the data center market. Sean’s direct approach and industry experience, allows participants to fully understand what drives the buyers and sellers of data center space in the US. I’d highly recommend this training to anyone eager to learn or enhance their understanding of the data center business.

Rodney Settles, Telehouse

Sean and Evan were fantastic in presenting the material that was easy to understand. To identify the different types of data center owners and where our competitors lie was pretty cool. Also, to better understand the billing models and working each one as a group was excellent.

Jason Jenkins, Silver Star

I appreciated the format of the class that allowed for discussion on industry proven theories of data center operation. I also appreciated the scope of the course materials that highlighted some things that I don’t deal with on a daily basis. Lastly I appreciated the “industry playbook” manual that I was able to bring home and review as needed, and was able to share information with others.

Nancy Abele, PhoenixNAP

The information you presented along with the class discussion really helped fill in holes in my training here at work. It’s my goal to become a technically strong rep and your class definitely moved me closer to reaching it. A light bulb lit over my head (did you see it?) during the power calculation case studies. That was exactly what I needed.

Laurie Shahin, Telx

Thank you so much for the education. It was really great and I appreciated your candor regarding other data centers. I also felt that you did a great job considering that you were sick. I felt that the book was great because it was written in terms that most people can understand. You covered the points that most people struggle with, i.e. cooling, generator power and *n*. We felt that we got a lot out of the course and there isn’t a negative comment I have…wish I could pick it apart for you…but I can’t. It was really great.

Chelsea Robinson, Digital Realty

I have worked at Digital Realty for 10 months…and that is the extent of my experience in the data center industry. I told Evan and Rhea when I saw them the second day that this bootcamp was something I wish I had had when I first started! Until your class, I hadn’t had any sort of basic data center/industry training. While I have already learned a lot by jumping in there and working on deals and learning from my colleagues, that basic training was what was missing. THANK YOU! So many concepts, terms, best business practices, etc. make so much more sense to me now and having that knowledge will definitely help me navigate this industry more effectively and hopefully make me a better partner to my customers.

Phil Keenan, Microcorp

In a world where technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate, it is impossible to keep your current role, and fill your role as a trusted advisor to your customers, by relying solely on training. In addition to training, you need to be a part of a structured ecosystem where you can partner with the necessary expertise to fulfill your customers’ needs. MicroCorp has a strategic relationship with Open Spectrum as a part of our Team Alliance Program – where they complete both elements. The training offered by Open Spectrum is the bedrock of our Ultimate training program that we are bringing to our partners across the country. Open Spectrum is then able to apply their deep data center experience to team in the field with our partners to win significant new business where our partners may not have been able to effectively complete before.

Santino Cattaneo, Bear Telecom Solutions

This was completely a transformational event for me. Not only did Open Spectrum take the time to explain all of the technical components inside the walls of a Data Center, Sean and team armed me with relevant sales strategies that enabled me to hit the ground running with my sales force! I would recommend this course for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of Data Center products and services. I feel absolutely privileged to be able to leverage an expert resource like Open Spectrum for all my future deals.

David Gott, Coresite

Thanks for the training it, it was honestly great. Coming from a finance background I was worried that when I arrived to the boot camp, everything would be over my head. You really took the time to start from the beginning and effectively explain data centers from the top down. Although as a sales guy I am more interested in calculating costs of space an power, I found the entire course to be useful. I have a solid foundation in understanding the physical layout of the data center space, how it is powered, and how it is cooled.

Sandra Perin, Telx

Highly recommend this class to anyone in the data center industry, especially those in sales and marketing. It provided a very thorough coverage of the industry and gave me a better understanding. Sean provides a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the industry, making the class informative, entertaining in an environment that encourages information sharing and networking. A worthwhile experience regardless of industry experience!

Marcy Mortensen, Telx

I’ve been in the colocation industry for 8 years + and can honestly say this is the best product/industry training I’ve seen. I’d strongly recommend that Telx implements this as part of our onboarding process for new hires. If I had had this experience in the beginning of my career, it could have eliminated my own personal learning curve. Even still, I came away from the session with a greater understanding of many aspects of our industry.

Dusty Fraser, Sungard Availability Services

I feel so much more comfortable in navigating some conversations now – my personal goal was accomplished. Thank you for following your passion and dream to build a company that trains people like me. I really appreciated your enthusiasm and clarity in what you delivered. Also, your suggestions regarding potential partners was really a great takeaway. Lastly, your ability to put this together within a weeks notice.

Neal Stalker, Coresite

I came into the camp not knowing anything about this industry, I left with a solid understanding of the industry and I now have the ground work laid to be able to learn much more. Your passion for the industry kept me involved throughout the two days, so thank you for that!

Tracy McHugh, Coresite

The training was great and the timing couldn’t have been better! I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in the Delta Force DC training before launching into my new role at CoreSite. Understanding the basic terminology, industry standards and the market reduced the amount of time it took for me to ramp up and be productive. The content was relevant and touring the data centers brought it all together for me. I would recommend this training to anyone that is new to the data center space.

Rachel Weissberg, Coresite

It is always tough to commit to being out of the office for a day and even more so to sit through training. I am so happy that I did as it definitely helped to put all of the pieces together and offer me the foundation I need to be successful in this space. You are so engaging as an instructor the time flew by.

Donna Mooney, Atlantic Metro Communications

Delta Force IT is a great comprehensive overview of the Data Center for Buyers and Sellers alike. Sean Tario does a thorough job of teaching what you need to know about effectively buying and selling data center space, and associated components. His in-depth industry knowledge shared throughout the course is invaluable. I recommend Delta Force IT training for any professionals in this industry who need or want to know more about the Data Center. Much thanks to the OSI team for a job well done.

Dave Jenkins, C7

C7 recommends the DeltaForceIT data center training for sales, technical and customer support personnel. Truly top notch training that is relevant to all facets of the data center. The training materials provided during the presentation are kept on everyone’s desk as a go to reference.

Mike Rushing, Westin Building Exchange

Open Spectrum is on a mission to equip and educate for the greater good of the entire Colocation community and its constituents. The time and money spent on the two day training was well worth the investment. Not only was it beneficial having common terms, calculations, and industry standards clarified, but the ability to compare notes among industry colleagues was a pleasant surprise. I will definitely be encouraging staff members as well as members of the data center community to participate when given the opportunity.

Mark Berger, CHI Franciscan Health

The Boot Camp provided an excellent learning experience. Sean’s presentation, materials and tour served to identify and explain the core data center systems and considerations. These included provider business models, technical & facilities infrastructures, tier definitions, disaster recovery, networking and more. Importantly, the cost calculation and metric information provided are valuable tools for putting the many variables into a quantifiable context whether negotiating for or developing data center services.

Manon Buettner, Nuvalo

This bootcamp exceeded my expectations. As a 15 year industry vet I had my doubts about spending 1.5 days in a training that I could be teaching myself. We methodically combed through everything you need to know as a data center seller and buyer, honed the power billing options and normalization techniques (to include a deep dive into the impact of PUE), and had the added benefit of data center managers/operators, IT buyers, and sales representatives all sharing their various perspectives in a candid exchange. I highly recommend this course to everyone in our industry, regardless of post. You will walk away more competent, confident and armed with supporting documentation to ensure your success.

Brian Fleming, Fort Capital Resources

Sean and his team have obviously ‘been there and done that’ in all facets of the IT & Data Center space and have a true talent for breaking down the overwhelming complexities of the landscape in a way for anyone to comprehend. It’s truly a wealth of knowledge. My every day focus is on equipment finance and this bootcamp (as well as the book) has no doubt helped me to take a more well rounded approach to servicing our client requirements, and understanding what their true needs are.

Jeff Fasen, Redapt

After providing IT hardware and integration solutions to countless customers for over 15 years, I thought I was already well-informed on what goes on in the data center. This bootcamp increased my hands-on exposure to the language, variables, and ultimately the ecosystem that connects to our solutions. It has definitely increased my usefulness to my customer… which is what it’s all about.

Evan Smethurst, QTS

Open Spectrum represents the vanguard of ‘New School’ Silicon Valley IT thought leadership. The information downloaded was much more than just a refresher and has transformed the conversations I am having with clients and prospective clients.

Farrah Kashef, Unitas Global

The volume of knowledge and experience brought to the table during these events is impressive to say the least. Even if you only retain a fraction of the materials covered, you can not help but walk away a more sophisticated and savvy seller… or buyer for that matter.

Alaleh Konoudi, net2EZ

Being new to the IT world, this Boot Camp was exactly what I needed,. The conversations I’m having now with clients are so much more productive. You walk away with training material that you can use and refer back to on a daily basis. It was also very helpful to meet and network with others in the industry.

Jason Liebowitz, Colovore

I came into this bootcamp not really knowing what to expect, and was extremely impressed by the relevance of the materials presented and engaging format. Without question this bootcamp was well worth my time and I am thankful to my team that gave me the opportunity to attend!

Catherine White, QTS

Sean and team provided a comfortable environment for their IT Bootcamp where they’ve brought together seasoned industry veterans and rookies alike from all facets of technology… this is a five star forum in the spirit of healthy competition with applicable materials that you will walk away with and use daily!

Dustin Romney, TachTech

I recently attended one of Delta Force IT’s data center bootcamps. I found the content and speakers engaging, and really enjoyed touring some local facilities to better understand the data center as a business. These events are also a great way to network with peers in this space. I highly recommend any events put on by these guys.

Charlie McMenomey, Dasher Technologies

Though familiar with the purpose of a data center prior to the event, I was simply blown away by the resources, education and engaging presentation style that this boot camp offered. Sean and his team are clear industry experts and have really dialed in everything that has to do with both buying and selling data center assets.

Stuart Hanson, Sabey Data Centers

Even with over a decade of experience in the telecommunications and data center industries, I found the Open Spectrum bootcamp to be a great learning experience for both novices and professionals in the Industry. Highly recommend everyone, regardless of experience, attend. You will walk away learning something new and valuable guaranteed.

Rob Butler, Crossvergence

My ability to qualify data center colocation opportunities has increased exponentially through the time spent attending the Open Spectrum bootcamps and continually reading through the materials provided. I can confidently say that I now come across well more than 5 new potential opportunities every quarter by simply knowing the relevant questions to ask, why they are relevant and grasping the overall language and system of the data center industry.

Scott McConnell, Equinix

Open Spectrum’s knowledge of the US and European data center and managed services markets is second to none. I have engaged with Open Spectrum as a business partner and referral consultant and each time my experience has been a positive one. Sean and his team are knowledgeable, reliable, personable, and most importantly, trustworthy in all of their business dealings.

Abel Cuskelly, Pogoseat

Open Spectrum has saved me and my team a ton of time and money thinking and walking through all of the available options in the market. They took the time to speak to how each option would be ideally suited for us, or not, given the requirements of our specific application, and make up of our team as we scaled from inception to the hockey stick of growth we are currently experiencing.

Ram Akuka, Deutsche Telekom

Open Spectrum soon turned out to be our go to for every IT related consultant or provider we needed. By using Open Spectrum’s services we were able to find most of our current vendors extremely quickly. I see Sean and Open Spectrum as a provider, colleague and a friend. Open Spectrum has not failed me a single time and I highly recommend them.

Jerod Powell, INFINIT Consulting

In a word I would describe Open Spectrum as impressive! They have an amazing amount of knowledge and been an amazing business partner and industry source for contacts, referrals, ideas, or just someone to talk shop with. Anyone in the industry that doesn’t know Open Spectrum should, as I can promise you at some point they can and will help you in a dramatic way.