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If you have ever spent any time with me, you know that I do truly love data centers. You likely also know that this love is what continuously fuels my desire to understand and document the language of the data center marketplace. One of the first major milestones on my journey was the book I authored Industry Playbook: Data Center Colocation, which is now on its 4th edition. Today, on behalf of Open Spectrum, I am proud to announce the launch of another labor of love, the “I Love Data Centers” Podcast.

Over the past ten years, I have thrown myself deep inside the underbelly of the industry that makes the digital world live and breathe. On a quest to understand the industry I love, I have been on a mission to answer the who, what, how and why that connects its various components. During this time I have toured over 350 production grade colocation facilities across the country and met countless industry professionals, executives and engineers who helped quench my thirst for knowledge. Now, with the launch of the “I Love Data Centers” Podcast, I get to deliver this knowledge to you in a new format directly from the industry experts who have taught me along the way.

Inspiration and Vision

Following in the footsteps of Marc Maron’s WTF and The Tim Ferriss Show, what you will find within the “I Love Data Centers” Podcast are conversations with some of the most successful, experienced and fascinating players working in the data center marketplace today. There will be no marketing fluffery or sales BS here, only some raw, honest advice and entertaining stories that will hopefully teach you something new and enjoyable about the industry that drives the brave new digital world we live in today.

We will be releasing new interviews every other Thursday night with the hope of launching a new “I Love Data Centers” podcast episode every week in due time. Although my travels have introduced me to an extensive and impressive lineup of interviewees, we will be continuously looking for new people to bring onto the program so please feel free to reach out with recommendations!


In closing, I’d like to give a big heart felt thank you to Lewis Sheats, the North Carolina State University Entrepreneurship Collaborative, Ryan Stevens, Vivekanand Ramakrishnan, Amanda Cain, Katie Cosby, Anderson Burrus, and the Open Spectrum Team who all played instrumental roles in getting the “I Love Data Centers” podcast launched.


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