Pete Sclafani – I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 3

6Connect-logoIn Episode 3 of the I Love Data Centers Podcast, DevOps, Selling Complex IT Solutions and Why the Future is Hybrid, you’ll meet Pete Sclafani, COO and Co-founder of 6Connect. Pete’s expertise allows him to speak up and down the IT stack. Sean calls Pete a “life decathlete” because of the breadth of experience he has as an IT expert, businessman, husband, and father.

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Episode 3 – DevOps, Selling Complex IT Solutions and Why the Future is Hybrid

Episode 3 Show Notes

  • Where are you right now? [3:13]
  • Pete’s background [4:18]
  • Norwich University [6:03]
  • How did you get into technology? [8:37]
  • Pete’s college experience [11:26]
  • First job out of college [15:10]
  • “Saddest Cubicle” [18:59]
  • First time walking into a data center [20:06]
  • Pete on the evolution of 6Connect [23:22]
  • How do you go about speaking with different archetypes in the industry? [27:13]
  • Speaking to executives [29:42]
  • Speaking with operational people 31:01
  • What have you learned in this industry that has surprised you? [31:54]
  • “Lessons in Grid Computing” [34:37]
  • How do you see things evolving in the industry? [39:21]
  • Pete on innovation in the industry over the past 15 years [45:16]
  • What is a common misconception people have about the data center industry? [52:32]
  • What is on the backdrop of your computer right now? [54:23]
  • Mac or PC? [54:49]
  • What have you read lately that you found fascinating? [55:30]
  • “A World Undone” book [55:54]
  • What advice would you give someone new to the industry? [57:25]
  • How to contact Pete and learn more about 6Connect [59:19]

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