Structure Research Hong Kong Data Centre Supply Report

Structure Research – Hong Kong Data Centre Supply Report


The Hong Kong Data Centre Supply Report is an in-depth study that measures the aggregate size of the market and utilization from a space and power perspective. We take it a step further by breaking out Hong Kong into five unique sub-regions:

  • Tseung Kwan O
  • Kowloon West (Tsuen Wan / Kwai Chung)
  • Hong Kong Island
  • New Territories North (Fo Tan, Sha Tin, Fanling, Tai Po)
  • Kowloon East (San Po Kong, Kwun Tong)

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Executive Summary

Hong Kong has become one of the most important data centre markets in the Asia-pacific region. Its status as a SAR (Special Administrative Zone) of The People’s Republic of China gives it characteristics that make it essentially a city-state. Today, Hong Kong is a world-class economy that features a robust network infrastructure, diverse connectivity, highly skilled labour and a business-friendly environment backed by a government that does not want to rock the boat.

Given both its history and future, Hong Kong is a major financial, transportation and commercial hub in the region. And this has translated well to the data centre market. Multinational organizations have a strong presence in the region and cloud and infrastructure service providers have picked Hong Kong for regional presence in growing numbers.

The Hong Kong market’s fate is closely tied to its strategic location. It is both a logical gateway to the larger Asia-pacific region and a springboard to mainland China. This now works both ways. As mainland China’s economy continues to grow and liberalize, Chinese organizations are now using Hong Kong as a gateway to the world outside its borders.

It is also increasingly difficult to separate the Hong Kong market’s fate from Singapore. Service providers and enterprises from around the world often debate the merits of each city when picking an Asia-pacific location. And Singapore has arguably closed the gap on Hong Kong when it comes to being viewed as a jumping off point for China.

The Hong Kong colocation market is smaller than Singapore’s. It was worth $616m in 2015 and is projected to grow in the double-digit percent range in 2016 with upticks in annual growth rates through 2020. This is a mature market, but one that has not tightened as quickly as others and still has plenty of runway left. The presence of the large Chinese market and the emergence of massive-scale cloud in China – namely Aliyun – are potential drivers of significant upside potential.

This report takes a close look at the size, growth trajectory and supply and demand dynamics of the Hong Kong colocation market. We track supply and demand from both a space and power perspective and size the market on both an aggregated and sub-regional basis. We also provide a five-year CAGR projection. This report is an excellent resource for any service provider, investor or enterprise end user looking to understand and project the data centre market in Hong Kong or find a service provider.

Table of Contents

  • Key Takeaways & Trends
  • Hong Kong Colocation: Metric Takeaways
  • List of Companies Covered
  • Hong Kong Colocation Market Size, 2015-2020
  • Hong Kong Colocation Market: SWOT Analysis
  • Hong Kong Colocation Leaderboards: Provider Rankings
  • Hong Kong Data Centre Supply Charts
  • – Rack Sqft Market Share
  • – Critical MW Market Share
  • – Rack Capacity Market Share
  • – Data Centre Utilization Projections, 2015-2020
  • – Growth Projections, 2015-2020
  • Data Points on Growth and Facility Utilization
  • M&A Activity
  • Rack Capacity & Space Utilization Projections, 2015-2020
  • Critical MW & Power Utilization Projections, 2015 -2020
  • Colocation Market Size Projections, 2015-2020
  • Network and Interconnection Developments
  • Hong Kong Colocation Provider List
  • Hong Kong Colocation Data Centre List – Operational Facilities & New Builds
  • New Builds & Expansions
  • Data Centre Colocation Market Pipeline: 2014-2018
  • Operational Data Centres, Regional Distribution
  • Total Rack Sqft, Regional Distribution
  • Operational Data Centres, Regional Distribution
  • Hong Kong Rack Sqft Projections, 2015-2018
  • Total Rack Capacity, Regional Distribution
  • Hong Kong Rack Projections, 2015-2018
  • Critical Power Capacity, Regional Distribution
  • Hong Kong Critical MW Projections, 2015-2018
  • Total Colocation Revenue, Regional Distribution
  • Hong Kong Revenue Projections, 2015-2020
  • Colocation Revenue, Regional Distribution
  • Local Market Company Sketches & Developments
  • Hong Kong Regional Overview – 
Tseung Kwan O
  • Hong Kong Regional Overview – 
Kowloon West
  • Hong Kong Regional Overview – 
Hong Kong Island
  • Hong Kong Regional Overview – 
New Territories North
  • Hong Kong Regional Overview – 
Kowloon East
  • Hong Kong Colocation Reseller List
  • Hong Kong Pipeline, New Builds
  • Data Table: Level of Confidence
  • Definitions
  • Methodology
  • About the Authors
  • Disclosures