Earthlink Conference Center

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Earthlink Conference Center


Paul Carrico

Paul Carrico

M Todd Partain

M Todd Partain

Pitch Competition Work Shop

The group will collectively participate in 4 different case study practice pitch workshops. Here you will now put into practice the lessons learned within a number of different mock conversations with clients within an open group collaboration setting.

7:30 | Breakfast and Start

Breakfast and pitch competition introduction

8:00 | Group Workshop
9:00 | Client Session #1*

The group will be separated into teams to begin preparing for live 30-minute conversations with 4 different clients to be held the following morning. Four different client profiles will be provided and each team will need to prepare for each client scenario and profile. The specific client profiles will be pulled at random the following morning and, as such, each team should prepare to pitch to all 4 different clients.

9:30 | Session Feedback
9:45 | Client Session #2
10:15 | Session Feedback
10:30 | Client Session #3
11:00 | Session Feedback
11:15 | Client Session #4
11:45 | Session Feedback
12:00 | Lunch
12:30 | Team Competition Analysis & Awards*

Teams will be brought into separate rooms to spend 30 minutes with each client. Scores will be tallied based on performance looking at a variety of characteristics. Each team will be evaluated in front of the group and awards will be provided to the team with the highest score.

1:00 | Ongoing Educational Resources*

You will be provided with information on how to dive deeper into the materials covered during this course and where to find additional resources if needed and how to specifically engage with the MicroCorp team to start immediately monetizing the lessons learned.

1:15 | TAP - Detailed Walkthrough
1:45 | Exit Interviews

Exit interviews and live opportunity assistance

2:15 | Feedback Session

Feedback Session and concluding remarks