Structure Research – Singapore Data Centre Supply Report


The Singapore Data Centre Supply Report is an in-depth study that measures the aggregate size of the market and utilization from a space and power perspective. We take it a step further by breaking out Singapore into three unique sub-regions:

  • North
  • East
  • West

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Executive Summary

There is little question about the primacy of Singapore’s data centre market. Singapore features robust infrastructure, political stability, economic growth and maturity, and a business-friendly environment. It has taken these building blocks and positioned itself as a financial, commercial, transportation and communications hub from both a regional and global perspective. Organizations from around the world now look at Singapore as the jumping-off point of choice as they move to serve end users spreading across the Asia-pacific region. The growth within the region coming from huge emerging markets like China and India is increasingly being targeted and now feeds this momentum.

Nowhere has the emergence of Singapore as a jumping-off point been more obvious than in the infrastructure services space. Cloud and hosting providers in the US and Europe have been present in the region for many years. As cloud took off, nearly all the prominent hosting and cloud providers in the world built an Asia presence in Singapore. Things have now moved to the next level with the massive-scale platforms coming to the region in a big way. This has contributed meaningfully to the demand pipeline in Singapore and spurred the building and expansion activity we have seen over the last 24 months. It has also shifted the profile of the market to one that is increasingly geared to wholesale deployments. There is no question that public cloud demand – from both service providers and the massive-scale platforms – has been a driving force in the Singapore colocation market. The question now is how sustainable is that demand and how and to what extent will it shape the directional trends of the market. The data presented in this report provide answers.

The updated and expanded version of our Singapore Data Centre Supply Report takes an in-depth look at the size, growth trajectory and supply and demand dynamics of the Singapore colocation market. According to Structure Research projections, the market was worth $811m in 2016. That number is expected to climb towards $1b in the next two years at annual revenue growth rates near, but not quite above, 10%.

This report analyzes supply and demand from both a space and power perspective and sizes the market on both an aggregated and sub-regional basis. For the first time, we also distinguish between retail and wholesale colocation and break out all the tracked metrics – revenue, supply and utilization on an aggregate and sub-regional basis – accordingly.

This report is an excellent resource for any service provider, investor or enterprise end user looking to understand and project the data centre market in Singapore or find a service provider.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Key Takeaways
Singapore Colocation: Metric Takeaways
2015 vs. 2016 Report: What’s Changed and Why
List of Companies Covered
Singapore Colocation Market Size, 2015-2020
Singapore Colocation Market: SWOT Analysis
Singapore Market Size: Wholesale Colocation
Singapore Market Size: Retail Colocation
Singapore Market Size: Wholesale vs. Retail Colocation
Singapore Colocation Pricing: 2016
Singapore Colocation Pricing: Retail Colocation
Singapore Colocation Pricing: Wholesale Colocation
Singapore Colocation Leaderboards
Singapore Data Centre Supply Charts
– Rack Sqft Market Share
– Critical MW Market Share
– Rack Capacity Market Share
Current Capacity
Data Centre Utilization Projections, 2015-2020
Rack Capacity & Space Utilization Projections, 2015-2020
Critical MW & Power Utilization Projections, 2015-2020
Singapore Data Centre Distribution: Regional
Singapore New Data Centre Builds: North Region
Singapore New Data Centre Builds: West Region
Singapore New Data Centre Builds: East Region
Singapore New Data Centre Builds: 2015-2016
– Critical MW Comparison, Regional
– Sqft Comparison, Regional
Singapore New Data Centre Builds: Regional Overviews
Singapore Colocation Reseller List
Singapore Operational Data Centres
– Wholesale Colocation Data Centres
– Retail & Mixed Colocation Data Centres
Singapore Colocation Provider Lists
– Data Centre Footprint
– Services Offered
– Customer Profiles
Customer Wins, Expansions, Cloud Nodes
Market Developments
M&A Activity, Executive Hires
Operational Data Centres, Regional Distribution
Singapore Rack Sqft Projections, 2016-2020
Rack Sqft, Regional Distribution
Singapore Rack Capacity Projections, 2016-2020
Rack Capacity, Regional Distribution
Singapore Critical MW Projections, 2016-2020
Critical Power Capacity, Regional Distribution
Singapore Colocation Revenue Projections, 2016-2020
Colocation Revenue, Regional Distribution
Singapore Regional Overview: North Region
Singapore Regional Overview: West Region
Singapore Regional Overview: East Region
Retail vs. Wholesale Colocation
Table Comparison
About the Authors