Device Naming Theory from Seamus Silverback on Vimeo.

This video and article is a must for anyone deploying infrastructure hardware. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, folks. If more infrastructure clients took naming conventions seriously, they’d save themselves from a world of hurt.

In the video, Ken Jamaca of Silverback Migration Solutions provides a quick, 3-minute overview of server naming conventions. For smaller deployments, he discusses informal naming schemes. He then talks about the two scalable conventions: naming by physical location and naming by logical function.

Here’s what Silverback says about naming by function:

“Device function is another option. This is much more feasible for large environments, and many larger companies use a version of it as their standard. Location abbreviations or serial Data Center Movenumbers are often added as well. For example, Company X’s third file server in their second San Francisco facility would be something like SF2-FILE-03. This method scales very well and is easier for new staff to learn. It can also help simplify trouble shooting, especially in larger environments. Unfortunately it sometimes results in very long names that are easy to confuse with one another. It also clues in outside attackers to the machines function.”

Read the original post here.

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