One of the hand full of providers we love working with that fill the “private IT service and managed elastic hosting provider owned and run by engineers” niche we speak about in A Cloud Divided: Part One is called ENKI, headquartered in Mountain View California and Denver Colorado with infrastructure now deployed around the world.

Their brief history is that Dave Durkee and Eric Novikoff (both industry veterans with loads of experience building scalable systems) got together to build an engineer-run elastic hosting and IT services firm focused on working with growing web 2.0, social media, and SaaS companies. They started ENKI as a way to break away from the corporate mentality that tells sales reps to bring customers in as quickly as possible, with the highest margins, without care for the deeper needs or future expectations. From what we have experienced first hand, ENKI delivers on all fronts and continues to impress us with their high ethical standards, deep expertise and engineering focused soft-sales approach. Today, they handle everything from systems and network architecture, to application tuning, to systems migration, to monitoring and recovery.

Key here is that Dave, Eric and their team are smart, personable people with loads of experience who truly seem to find their bliss and passion from solving complex IT problems. Nutshell, they, like us, eat complicated infrastructure solutions for breakfast, lunch and dinner and come back for more each and every day. For many clients, they serve as the outsourced Director of Systems and Network Engineering. For us, they serve as a reliable and trusted partner who we know will do right for our clients when there is a clear fit.

ENKI is one of a few kick ass partners in this space we like to work with for the many reasons mentioned above and we are happy to make them this months Partner we Like. Should you feel a managed elastic hosting provider might be exactly what YOUR firm needs to help you scale, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our consulting is free, agnostic and confidential and we’d be happy to help!


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