Mark Houpt – I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 30


This week on the I Love Data Centers podcast: All Things Data and Data Center Security, I interview the Chief Information Security Officer of Databank, Mark Houpt.

Whereas security has typically been an afterthought for most companies in the past, it has quickly become the most talked about topic in the industry these days with high profile data breaches happening on a regular basis. I wanted to do an interview that addressed the most common conversations data center and hosting providers are having with their clients so you can hear and understand the roles both parties have in protecting and securing corporate and client data. This conversation does just that and proved to be extremely enlightening.

Truly, by listening to and digesting the content within this episode you will be well equipped to have this conversation, regardless of which side of the fence you sit on.


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Mark Houpt – I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 30


Episode 030 Show Notes

  • 1:12 Interview starts
  • 2:34 Mark’s credentials and certifications
  • 7:09 Mark’s upbringing
  • 9:28 How Mark got involved in tech
  • 11:46 Mark’s Navy experience
  • 16:40 Mark’s transition into tech
  • 23:34 How does hacking and coding play together?
  • 32:01 Precautionary steps companies can take to protect their data from hackers
  • 37:43 Balancing between the corporate world and the data center world
  • 47:28 What makes manage services different?
  • 55:54 Other security traps that companies can fall into
  • 59:58 What should companies that don’t need or can’t afford someone in a chief security officer role do?
  • 1:04:05 What is a penetration test?
  • 1:11:25 What is the B.A.A?
  • 1:16:28 What about data centers that don’t need to be compliant to the B.A.A?
  • 1:20:24 How to deal with the federal government agencies
  • 1:23:17 Where does Data Banks responsibility start and stop with their clients?
  • 1:28:59 Do our countries regulations put us in any danger?
  • 1:41:36 What is something you’ve learned recently that blew your mind?
  • 1:44:42 How to contact Mark

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