Jason Maxham – I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 10

art of trouble shooting logoThis week on the I Love Data Centers podcast we have the CTO and co-founder of an IT firm focused on delivering bleeding edge services to law firms, Jason was one of my first clients when I joined the industry. He quickly became one of my favorite clients when he routinely asked hard questions and held both himself, his team and his providers (me included) accountable. I knew every time we talked that I would walk away learning something important and having gained a more complete and honest picture of how his business, and my own business for that matter, actually worked.t

After a few acquisitions, Jason stepped away from the industry to travel the world and author a book, “The Art of Troubleshooting“. His book is one I have gifted frequently to current clients and partners over the past few years and I was thrilled to talk with him about the lessons he learned as an IT executive, entrepreneur and career problem solver.

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Episode 10 – The Art of Troubleshooting from a Master Troubleshooter

Episode 010 Show Notes

  • Interview Start 2:28
  • Where are you right now? 3:39
  • Where were you raised? 4:54
  • Did you grow up in a tech savvy household? 6:56
  • Jason’s first startup 7:54
  • What inspired Jason to write his book 13:43
  • Discovery Mining 15:46
  • Jason’s fiber link story 18:20
  • What lessons did you take away from that experience? 22:18
  • First steps to take to resolve issues within a company 27:22
  • Data Collection 29:17
  • Next story 31:35
  • Jason on disaster recovery 34:06
  • Advice on convincing higher-ups of the importance of disaster strategy 37:40
  • “Agile” 44:46
  • How is troubleshooting an art?  53:52
  • What is your perspective on following instinct over gut when troubleshooting? 57:15
  • 5 Why’s Process 01:00:57
  • Casino story 01:09:25
  • What is keeping Jason busy these days 01:08:06
  • Where to learn more about The Art of Troubleshooting 01:12:16
  • What is the backdrop on your computer right now? 01:12:45
  • What advice would you give someone thinking about coming into the data center industry? 01:15:55

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