If you walked into my office over the past few weeks, chances are you would find me with my legs kicked up on my desk, pen in hand and my nose buried in a hosting provider, cloud provider or datacenter provider’s MSA, SLA, Addendum, Partner Agreement or some other form of contract marking up pages. Truth is, IĀ get a kick out of reading through service provider contracts… which is why I guess I’m in the business I’m in these days!

With this in mind, it is no surprise that I took the time to dig through an article I randomly came across on Linkedin called The Best & Worst of Cloud Contracts. I highly recommend if you’re in/around these industries or buying hosting or cloud services you give this a thorough read. There’s a clear Australian bias to the article, but the recommendations they make at the end are definitely worth following;

*Specify adherence to reputable security standards within the contract

*Allow customers to audit the provider over security and privacy standards

*Include in the contract a commitment to data breach notification

*Make few excuses in the contract for service availability and offer credits for all downtime outside the SLA

*Commit within the contract to an orderly transition out, with data available on a specified format within a specified timeframe

*Cannot vary the terms of the contract without express customer consent

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