Earlier this month our partners over at Bluebox announced a partnership with Clustrix to provide a MySQL Database-as-a-Service solution for scaling Ruby-on-Rails applications.

We congratulate Bluebox on this strategic partnership and are intrigued at the implications of a DBaaS solution for the many Startup companies we interact with.

To this extent they have created an extremely detailed benchmark test of ‘Rails’ on the Clustrix DB Appliance vs. tuned MySQL on standard scale-up hardware

“This industry first benchmark demonstrates to developers that they can scale Rails 10X the expected limitations without pain using the scale-out database from Clustrix,” said Robin Purohit, CEO, Clustrix. “We are excited to partner with Blue Box to make it easy for Ruby on Rails developers to design or migrate their applications onto our Database-as-a-Service.”

I will save the gory details for the report, but suffice to say there is an enormous amount of empirical data to sift through that shows the full details of the benchmark testing and why it matters.

This video also does well to explain the nature of Clustrix and how they have differentiated themselves in the database marketplace. As many players as we see in the space, Clustrix has found a way to craft a solid product for transactional, scale-out Big Data in an oftentimes complex market.

The study concludes with the following statement: “MySQL and Ruby on Rails work well together for initial development and deployment, for operating with low levels of concurrency, and for small dataset sizes—but eventually a Rails scaling limit is reached as the database hits the limits of a single MySQL instance. A Clustrix scale-out SQL database solution allows DevOps and admins to scale their Rails solution beyond this limit while also providing superior performance, high availability, and inherent fault tolerance. “

With the understanding that specific hardware appliance database solutions may not be an option for all your Ruby-on-rails applications, the quality of the benchmark testing is worth sharing.

Highly suggest you check this report out if you deal with large data sets with a Ruby on Rails platform.

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