An established and growing video on-demand advertising solution HQ’d in Silicon Valley and backed by established VC firms.

Client was looking to reduce their overall IT infrastructure spend on datacenter and wanted to add a layer of protection against an earthquake or related disaster affecting Silicon Valley by moving to a facility outside of a major earthquake fault zone.

Needs of the Client

  • Currently running production on 6 cabinets in a caged environment within a major NAP
  • Experiencing steady growth every year with the need to keep an eye on potential future expansion
  • Need to manage a point-to-point between the datacenter and their main office
  • Need a blended managed transit provider for their complex but low commit network needs and required uptime SLA with their own clients
  • Need assistance in the physical migration of the network and hardware
  • IT Director knew of a few options available but lacks the resources and time to manage a full blown search and vetting process on his own



We did an extensive search for providers outside Silicon Valley. Cities that fell within the range of probability for our client were Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Portland and Sacramento.

After initial proposals came in, the main disqualifier was the distance from the client’s main office. Needing access to the equipment or available smart hands on demand was a key variable and the difference between a drive and a flight was enough to influence the first round of qualification all else being equal.

After narrowing the search to established providers in the Sacramento area, the second round of qualification was redundancy and resiliency. Only best-of-breed production facilities of Tier 3+ standards were under consideration. The needs of the the client required a datacenter with an SLA of 99.999% or higher. Downtime for this client was a game-killer.

Third round of qualification came from providers who could be carrier-neutral. To further complicate matters the client was in a long-term existing contract with a network provider managing the point-to-point between HQ and the existing datacenter. Buy-out of the contract or migration of the circuit was available but expensive.

The final round of qualification was the process of actually physically touring each facility with the client.

The most interesting part of the transaction was the complex network re-architecture that took place. By engaging with our valuable network partners, we were able to take the point-to-point from the new datacenter to the client’s HQ while keeping the existing circuit in place, picking up an extra leg in a nearby facility and delivering the final solution at a substantially reduced rate than having the existing circuit moved and/or extended to Sacramento. This option was also significantly less expensive than a contract buy-out and left everyone at the table (client, datacenter, and network providers) satisfied and happy with the solution.

In the end, our client chose RagingWire as a facility who could meet all of the demands required. The ability of RagingWire to bill on a Kw basis, be flexible on bandwidth, offer smart hands at a competitive price point, provide a 2N+1 solution and be open minded about structuring a deal that afforded the growth needs of our client made them an ideal choice.


Our client was overwhelmed with the existing day-to-day work and yet was tasked to reduce costs for the company beyond his workload capacity could handle.

We were brought in as a no-cost consultant to manage directly the sourcing, vetting, touring and contract negotiation piece of the equation.  Our client was kept updated and informed throughout the process and was engaged directly to attend tours of facilities once the majority of the vetting had already taken place.

One of the key components to understanding our client’s needs was the consultation around getting to know their existing and projected raw power draw figures.  We did this by walking them through the physical hardware they had installed and requesting actual power draw information from their existing provider over an extended period of time. With this in hand we were able to negotiate for more accurate and aggressive power rates from providers and put together an expected timeline of power growth over the next 12-36 months.

Our engagement cost the client $0 to work with OSI, cut their datacenter spend nearly in half and landed them in a location that would keep their data safe should another massive earthquake hit Silicon Valley.

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