Let’s say you’re a scaling online startup with a rock star CEO who knows how to raise money and build momentum with an amazing technical co-founder who is a Ruby on Rails application building ninja. Let’s also say you’re about to land some massive deals that will seriously test the limits of your code (and your experience scaling said code) to serve not just a few hundred customers at a time, but a few million in short order. Like most startups, you’re using AWS, and it’s been fine up until now, but you would feel FAR more secure if you could augment your team with some experienced systems and network engineers to support you and your application team both pre and during the hockey stick growth phase. What would be even cooler is if you could leverage this support AND stay within a provider that can offer the same elastic hosting (cloud) environment that AWS offers and you’ve grown accustom to. You wonder what your options are… so you call the guy you know who always seems to have IT options at his fingertips for exactly what you need. You call Sean @ Open Spectrum Inc.

Deal Type: Elastic Hosting with Application/Systems/Network Support

Specs: A few web/application/DB servers for a geolocation web & mobile company migrating from AWS

The Problem: AWS has been great, and its ability to grow/shrink on demand has saved you a few $K over the past few months… but you desperately need a hosting provider who can not only provide you with elastic compute power and visibility into the physical I/O, CPU, RAM metrics on the backend, but a team of dedicated systems/network and even application engineers who can hold your hand and partner with you as you hit the hockey stick growth phase you see coming only a few months away. Hiring the talent needed directly full time is not an option as you don’t have the time or capital to onboard 2-3 new engineers right now.

The Solution: An elastic hosting provider with a dedicated on-boarding team and ongoing hands on engineering team who specializes in designing and installing private and shared elastic hosting environments that are backed by an enterprise level SLA.

This is a high level overview of an actual client and solution we delivered last month and a taste of the types of deals we’re doing for clients looking to expand their hosting, network and/or datacenter footprint(s) across the country and around the world.  How can we help you?

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