Let’s say you’re a scaling online backup/storage company based here in the states that’s starting to grow into regions outside of the USA. You’ve got a kick ass sales and marketing team in place in this new region, and now you need to setup some infrastructure locally to host the content people are now downloading to your servers en mass. Backhauling the traffic/data to your infrastructure already in the states is not an option due to security, compliance, latency and a mandate from most customers to keep the data local… and you have no clue what your options are in this new region 🙁 So you call the guy you know who solves problems like this in his sleep. You call Sean @ Open Spectrum Inc. 🙂

Deal Type: Colocation & Network

Specs: A few dozen racks & 1Gbps growing to 10+ Gbps of sustained domestic traffic

The Problem: Space, Power and Network are RIDICULOUSLY expensive still in Australia and you need to be able to slowly ramp into your total footprint over an extended period of time

The Solution: A datacenter owner/operator that can be extremely flexible on terms and pricing who also happens to be owned by one of the largest Teleco’s on the island, providing the client access to the Teleco’s Peering IX, drastically driving down their connectivity costs and providing a long term strategic partnership in the region

This is an actual case study of a deal going down that we’re involved with and a taste of the types of deals we’re doing for clients looking to expand their hosting, network and/or datacenter footprint(s) across the country and around the world.

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