You’re a startup that’s about to land a Series A round of funding after successfully proving your SaaS application designed for call centers, leveraging the Seed Stage capital raised 2 years prior. Your team, though experienced with UI and application development, does not have extensive or current experience navigating the datacenter world and could also use some fresh perspective with selecting the hardware and complex network pieces of the equation that together will serve as the backbone of your application as you scale it across the country to customers about to go live. Your CFO happens to know someone who for free is willing to sit and chat about what you have in place currently and what could be leveraged to ensure you can deliver on time, under budget and ensure your least concern is having the lights go out when you need them on most. He connects you with Sean @ Open Spectrum Inc.

Deal Type: Bay Area Colocation, Hardware and Complex Network Requirements

Specs: A single cabinet in the Bay Area, servers, switches, transit and transport

The Problem: Unfamiliar with current local providers in the datacenter or network space and hoping to work with a VAR who can help work through complex server, firewall and switch questions and specifications

The Solution: A hardware VAR with experience working with the type of specific needs of an early stage SaaS company that will be scaling quickly over a short period of time. A network specialist who can help navigate past the “yes we can” salesman to the actual engineers delivering the solution to get real answers on product specifications and delivery. A datacenter provider who not only has the right network providers previously selected on net, but can also provide a quality, redundant, flexible and cost effective solution for the client to scale into over time.

This is a high level overview of an actual client and solution we delivered recently and the kind of client we absolutely love working with. It is also only a taste of the types of deals and value we bring to the table for clients looking to expand their hosting, network and/or datacenter footprint(s) across the country and around the world. How can we help you?

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