The team here at Open Spectrum is excited to launch a new division of the company we are calling DELTA FORCE IT. Its primary purpose is to raise the collective consciousness of those currently within, or simply interested about, the Data Center Colocation, Hosting and Cloud Industries.

Our first “Boot Camp” will be covering the Data Center Colocation Industry and will take place Tuesday July 16th and Wednesday July 17th. This is designed for those looking to understand the buying and selling forces at play from various industry providers from a non-biased and holistic perspective. You should without question be attending this seminar if you are:

  • Currently working for a data center provider and want to become more of a “trusted adviser” to your clients and partners, not simply another salesman they are forced to work with regurgitate corporate rhetoric.
  • Exploring data center options for your own company and looking for a crash course on the industry and what questions you need to be asking.
  • Working for a commercial real estate firm and looking at becoming more educated on the data center specific transactions you see happening around you so you too can add value in these conversations and deals taking place.
  • Working for a hedge fund, private equity or venture capital firm and looking for an unbiased understanding of what the drivers are in the data center industry.
  • Looking for employment within the data center industry.


In addition to the technical training you will receive from industry veterans about the facilities themselves, the different types of providers in the industry and specific contracts as they relate to key terms and service level agreements, we will also be hosting a dinner Tuesday night exclusive to attendees with various experienced buyers of data center assets across the country and around the world. YOU WILL MEET AND LEARN FROM THOSE ACTIVELY OUT BUYING POWER AND SPACE RIGHT NOW.

The second day will focus on actually touring 3 very distinctly different types of facilities owned by 3 very different types of companies. One will be a facility owned by a small local player with only 2 properties under management. One will be a larger campus of a provider with properties across the country. One will be a brand new facility for the largest data center owner/operator in the world.

We guarantee that the training we are providing will prove invaluable to your success both understanding and selling/buying within this industry. To this extent, should you somehow walk away feeling as though you did not get your money worth from this event, we will fully refund you.

This is a Pre-Launch Invitation to our ecosystem and we have drastically discounted the price for you until May 15th. We have limited space available for this initial boot camp so REGISTER NOW FOR THE EVENT and reserve your spot!

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