Scott Noteboom – I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 11

Litbit LogoIn this episode of the I Love Data Centers podcast, Data Center Patents and Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence, we have Scott Noteboom. Scott is the founder and CEO of LitBit, a company focused on making Artificial Intelligence (AI) a useful and practical tool for companies to leverage on a day to day basis, just as consumers use AI like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. Scott’s roots are in the data center, having worked for many years starting an ISP, working for an integrated voice and data startup and then joining the likes of Abovenet, Yahoo! and Apple overseeing data center engineering and operations. With a core background in software, his perspective on the industry is unique in that he’s always been working toward developing solutions that will make data centers smarter, and more importantly, communicate with one another intelligently. So, making the jump in 2013 toward developing an AI specifically for the data center vertical (among many other verticals) makes total sense.

Our conversation explores primarily what AI is, and is not, along with some of the practical ways AI is being used today and will be used over the coming years and decades to come. Having accepted the reality that AI will play a large roll in our future as a species, I admire and stand behind Scott’s commitment to educating people on the topic and technology and also doing his part to ensure the technology is used for good.

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Episode 11 – Data Center Patents and Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence

Episode 11 Show Notes

  • 2:09 Interview starts
  • 3:28 Where are you right now?
  • 4:41 Where were you born?
  • 5:51 What was the earliest computer you had?
  • 7:15 How did your education in technology play out?
  • 11:02 Patents and data centers at Yahoo!
  • 17:14 Scott’s first time in a data center
  • 19:22 How Scott got started working in an ISP
  • 21:40 What Scott has learned from working on the data center side with big companies
  • 24:29 Why Scott chose to go into AI
  • 33:03 Is it risky using AI in a business?
  • 39:05 Scott explains Lit Bit
  • 41:46 How DAK differs from a typical BMS solution
  • 45:34 What checks, balances, and controls can you put in AI?
  • 55:07 Will machines and humans integrate with one another in the near future?
  • 1:00:53 Where can people find out more about LitBit?
  • 1:05:15  How to get in contact with Scott
  • 1:06:27 What is the backdrop to your laptop?
  • 1:07:55 Scotts advice to newcomers in the industry
  • 1:09:36 What an unpopular opinion you have?
  • 1:11:08 What is a common misnomer about the industry?


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