Aaron Hughes – I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 36


Aaron Hughes has spent decades architecting, building and managing various components that make up the internet we all use today. Ever heard of Yeah, that was one of his many “side projects” that was put together in a matter of days because it simply needed to be done and he saw no one else doing it. Since I met the man, he has been a role model of productivity, successfully juggling multiple roles and wearing multiple hats at the same time. His Linkedin Profile says it all to this extent.

Thankfully for me, we both worked together when I first started in the industry and we also happened to live just a few minutes down the road from one another in Santa Cruz, CA. Aaron quickly became one of my favorite people to sit back and talk shop with because I always walked away learning something new and, at some point, laughing until I cried. I am blessed to have had so many opportunities to learn, laugh and cry with Aaron and his equally bright and fun loving wife Stacy. I hope you enjoy listening in on our wide ranging conversation. I’ll give you a teaser with 2 of my favorite quotes that came out of it;
“Yes, there is hope, but this hope is predicated on education.”
‘”Embrace Automation” is the new “Work with your brain and not with your back”‘


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Aaron Hughes – I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 36

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