I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 2

Welcome back to the I Love Data Centers Podcast. In Episode 2 – Data Center Industry Education on Capitol Hill, Sean interviews Christian Dawson, Executive Director of Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition). Christian spends all of his time lobbying and educating congress on how legislation effects the industry and you as the end user. The time he spends with Congress matters, and you’ll hear why in this episode.  

You can listen to the podcast on this page, or click to listen and subscribe on our SoundCloud page. Now, without further delay, here it is:

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Episode 2 – Data Center Industry Education on Capitol Hill

Episode 2 Show Notes

  • Where are you right now and what are you working on? [2:39]
  • What is the I2C? [3:08]
  • Involvement with I2C [3:36]
  • What motivated you to move into policy work in DC? [3:55]
  • Description of PIPA and SOPA Bills   – [5:45]
  • Companies that are part of I2C – [9:07]
  • DC Fly-Ins [10:15]
  • How many members are in I2C? – [11:28]
  • Christian on changes in I2C – [15:05]
  • Do you remember your first experience walking into a data center? [18:50]
  • What is one of more impressive Data Centers you have been through? [25:18]
  • What was your experience growing up around technology? [29:06]
  • Where did you grow up and how were you introduced to first mac? [38:38]
  • Legislators understanding the industry [41:40]
  • What are other resources that are available to those in the industry? [43:46]
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation [44:37]
  • Where do you think the focus will be moving forward for our industry from a legislative perspective? [45:28]
  • Are there private interests outside of government that are advocating for further regulation of the data center and telecommunication industry? [48:27]
  • Do you believe that government agencies that deal with security have the access they need to information that is traversing the Internet? [50:19]
  • Some positive things happening in DC [56:52]
  • What specific points would you want to get across to Data Center professionals? [59:43]
  • How to reach Christian [1:01:18]

Links Mentioned in this episode

Connect with Christian on LinkedIn
The Electronic Frontier Foundation
2017 Congressional Fly-In
Digital Education Institute