Raul Martynek – I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 4

Digital Bridge LogoIn this week’s I Love Data Centers episode, Evolution of a Telecommunications and Data Center Industry Titan, our guest is Raul Martynek. Raul currently works as a partner with the communications focused private equity firm Digital Bridge. He has led numerous companies through successful acquisitions while speaking the language of finance just as fluently as that of the telecommunications, data center, hosting, and virtualization industries he serves.

This interview has some rich content. We cover topics such as Raul’s humble roots, his thoughts on the current acquisition spree taking place in the industry and what some of the key differences are between providers in hyper scale mode and those who are barely surviving. 

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Episode 4 – Evolution of a Telecommunications and Data Center Industry Titan

Episode 4 Show Notes

  • Personal History 1:12
  • What is Digital Bridge? 3:59
  • How did you become successful in the financial and real estate aspects of technology? 8:03
  • Discussion on the advancement communication technology 14:28
  • Opportunities in tier 2 and 3 markets 16:44
  • The “edge”18:00
  • Raul’s advice to newcomers in the industry 19:18
  • At what point in your life were you introduced to computers in general? 20:57
  • The start of Raul’s career in the industry 22:05
  • Raul’s “light bulb moments” 25:43
  • What is one of the most important lessons you’ve learned from the sales side of the industry? 30:07
  • Raul comments on the innovation in the data center industry 34:13
  • In-house infrastructure 34:36
  • The “Internet of everything” 35:16
  • Why kind of innovations have you seen in data centers as an asset? 37:02
  • Why are some doing well in the industry today while others are not? 43:43
  • What is the backdrop on your laptop? 50:25
  • What is one of the most fascinating things you’ve learned in the past couple of months? 50:37
  • What piece of information would you give your younger self? 52:15
  • What is common misconception many people have about our industry? 53:10
  • How to contact Raul 54:12

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Digital Bridge:

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