testimonials ColoTraqDany Bouchedid – I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 7

In this week’s I Love Data Centers episode – The Godfather of the Colocation Indirect Sales Channel – Sean’s guest is Dany Bouchedid, the Founder and CEO of COLOTRAQ.
Sean and Dany discuss a great many topics during their time together; such as how he got involved in the industry after a brief conversation with a young entrepreneur (who has since become one of the richest men on the planet) as well as the evolution of the telecom and data center indirect channel. We cover a few of the major events that take place within the industry as well as some of the organizations that support the channel. If you work in or around the indirect sales channel or simply want to gain a perspective on how it works and has matured over the years, this episode is a must listen!

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Episode 7 – The Godfather of the Colocation Indirect Sales Channel

Episode 7 Show Notes

  • Intro 1:17
  • Interview starts 2:48
  • Where are you right now? 3:53
  • What is it that you actually do? 4:48
  • How did you get started in IT? 7:10
  • Data center infrastructure demand drivers 15:50
  • Virtualization, Cloud, and Hybrid IT 18:10
  • The early days of the Technology Channel Association (TCA)? 19:50
  • What drove the evolution of the colocation indirect sales channel? 22:90 
  • The role of a master agency 31:30
  • WTF is cloud computing? 36:50
  • What is the desktop of your computer? 59:00