Sean Patrick Tario – I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 26


This week on the I Love Data Centers podcast: How I Got Here, Rich Miller Interviews Sean Patrick Tario, the voice and vision behind the I Love Data Centers Podcast.

Due to the volume of requests to turn the tables and have someone interview me for the podcast, we decided to do just that in this episode. I was honored to have Rich Miller, founder of and, take charge to this extent following the same format I use during my interviews.

In this episode you’ll learn a little more about how I got started working in the industry, what drove me to venture off on my own years ago, some harsh lessons I learned as a stubborn entrepreneur and the spark that manifested this podcast. Hope you enjoy!


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Sean Patrick Tario – I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 26


Episode 026 Show Notes

  • 1:12 Episode starts
  • 2:48 What inspired you to start the I Love Data Centers podcast?
  • 5:37 Why did you decide to go with a long-form interview format for this podcast?
  • 10:20 How did you get started in the data center industry?
  • 13:32 Your past entrepreneurial endeavors?
  • 18:21 Your experience working initially w/ UnitedLayer?
  • 24:20 After working at UnitedLayer and QTS, how did you get Open Spectrum started?
  • 31:00 The evolution of Open Spectrum and training other industry professionals
  • 37:42 How the Data Center Colocation Playbook has affected your interaction with others in the industry
  • 43:27 Discussions around why data center tours matter?
  • 47:15 What Open Spectrum has been up to lately?
  • 55:21 Where Sean feels the industry is heading?
  • 1:05:12 Your take on recent PE and M&A activity in the industry?
  • 1:23:10 What you wish you would have known when you started in the industry?
  • 1:25:29 What was the most influential piece of advice you received while working in the industry?


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