Along my professional journey I have been inspired and encouraged by others who believe the statement in the header to be true.

When this occurs, an instant connection is made and we help hold one another accountable to their achievement through our continued open and honest dialogue and friendship. Along this same journey, I have also met those who believe this statement is simply “nice,” and “only as an ideal that does not apply to the reality of business today.”

I am proud to say that Integrity and accountability are things we work hard on routinely demonstrating and accomplishing here at OSI because, for me, it’s about beginning with the end in mind.

If my goal is to build a sustainable and profitable business that routinely demonstrates integrity and accountability, then I must also routinely demonstrate these core values, or they will be rendered meaningless marketing fluff like so much of what bombards us each day.

In continuity with this, we are putting forth a challenge to our Clients, Service Providers and Referral Partners that can be seen and heard through a Bill of Rights and Statement of Intent that is being sent to all of you currently within our ecosystem and will be sent to all those eventually joining us down the road.


These documents are bold and unyielding in what they ask of both ourselves and those we work with. As we continue to BE the change we hope to see in the world around us, we feel the time for change is here and now… and happening all around us.

Will you join us as we transform the industry we serve?

Please read more by viewing the documents here:

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