Generally I try not to promote the same service provider in two consecutive newsletters… After meeting with Hassan Hosseini, Marketing and Product Manager for¬†down at the RightScale HQ in Santa Barbara 2 weeks back however, I would seriously be doing you a disservice for not making you aware of just how awesome and powerful a tool this site is for anyone attempting to scale within a public elastic cloud environment like Azure, AWS, Rackspace Cloud, Google Compute Engine, etc..

In short, Hassan and his team have created a FREE elastic cloud cost forecasting tool that is updated every day with specific compute component costs within most major public elastic hosting PaaS providers. You can run your deployments through a simulation to create a detailed 3-year cloud cost forecast prior to cloud adoption or while you’re in the thick of scaling on one of the platforms right now.

Check out an example of the metrics gathered for both TripAdvisor and Pinterest HERE

If you are interested in working with Hassan and myself to help YOU create your own case study and forecasting tool via, please contact me ASAP!

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