Interop was filled with small, smart companies that shone well amongst the dim light of mediocrity.

To be fair, it was a good show. Not great. But filled with gems. It was small enough for me to meet almost everyone of the ~350 booths that claimed presence.

What made a difference was the quality of people who did manage to gather their gear and hit the road.

Companies that caught our interest had…

…good adcopy, personal salespeople and most importantly they actually knew what business they were in and where they fit in the IT stack.

Out of the 350ish booths we visited (seriously, we talked to just about everybody) these ones held promise for the future:


An elastic hosting platform that allows your environment to be deployed across multiple public clouds
(for example: AWS + Rackspace + CloudStack + vCloud)

  • good way to failsafe downtime or performance issues arising from any single provider.


Hughes Cloud Services & Hosting 

A managed dedicated and elastic hosting provider with an extensive national fiber network footprint and history working with the Department of Defense. They look like they can get things done

  • Their ballsy Tagline is “You don’t have to be rocket scientists to run a virtualized cloud… but we are.”


Guardian Data Destruction

This East coast company  does degaussing, asset recovery, decommissioning, erasure, and shredding for Fortune 500 companies. We know some folks that do this on the West Coast as well.

They seem to have what it takes to destroy data. Plus, they manage to make the EPA happy,  making sure that all components are kept out of the endless stream of E-waste through comprehensive recycling.


This company makes secure and portable RAID and NAS storage devices.
They also happen to look very sexy.

This is often a better alternative to picking up pipe to move terabites/petabites of data as it can be cheaper to simply ship it physically. We work with some people who do this for as a service.

Other companies that we saw/spoke to + notes:

United Layer – west coast
ViaWest – national
PhoenixNAP – phoenix area
Giglinx – midwest
Dacentec – east coast
A.T Works – japan

Hosting – elastic + dedicated
Rackspace – elastic + dedicated
Terremark – elastic + dedicate
NaviSite – elastic + dedicated
Google – elastic
Cloudsigma – elastic

Hosting related
Panzura – dropbox for enterprise with terabites of data
V3 – elastic virtual desktop hosting
VDI Works – virtual desktop management software
SnapCrowd – dropbox focused on access on devices [From TiECon]

Network + network/application acceloration
Ryaka – WAN optimization as a service and application acceleration
Splice – internet access, private line, MPLS, network monitoring and remote managed services
Allied Telesis – managed ethernet services
Riverbed – WAN optimization
Exinda – WAN optimization with ability to set specific priorities

Network + Environment Monitoring + Security Solutions
NSFocus – anti-DDoS hardware + software
Unisys – stealth-centric network security solution
NetOptics – network monitoring and security software
Barracuda – network and application security hardware
CloudPassage – security for elastic computing environments
Titanic Systems – network, content, and security processing hardware
PagerDuty – nofication system that integrates with most monitoring systems
Netreo – IT visibility and management dashboard software
Verisign – security monitoring
Loglogic – log + security analytics
Thycotic Software – password access management and records storage system
Eye P.A. – 802.11 wi-fi troubleshooting tool
Cloud & Application Management
6fusion – hybrid hosting workload allocation management platform as a service
ManageEngine – log analytics + compliance reporting software
Lyatiss – network analytics and management platform
QAcafe – network load testing
BlueCoat – security + wan optimization
Reflex Systems – virtualization monitoring
Vyatta – network management software
QualiSystems – network test automation

VOIP + Video Conf + Misc Network Related
Nuvio – VOIP
Shoretel – unified communications
Kontiki – video conf
BlueJeans – free integrated video conf [From TiECon]
BilltoMobile – allows you to bill customers via cell providers [From TiECon]

EM7 – datacenter infrastructure + application management software
Microsemi – custom power/system management solution
Tripwire – real-time infrastructure and compliance monitoring software
Vigilent – intelligent energy management system [From TiECon]
Razient – risk management software [From TiECon]

Datacenter Infrastructure
Leviton – structured cabling related products
AXIS Communications – video security related products
Geist – infrastructure cooling solutions
Chatsworth Products – datacenter rack, mounts, and cabling products
Tripplite – integrated cabinet and power hardware + console and KVM switches
Aten – energy intelligent PDU related products
MiniRaQ – vertical server racks

Datacenter Design
Data Specialties Inc – design strategy consultants

Omnitron Systems Technology – fiber connectivity hardware for enterprise networks
Sonicwall – network security hardware products
STi – Dell reseller
Cpacket Networks – traffic monitoring switches
Pogo Storage – storage appliance products
Artec – data search and access, back-up and recovery, compliant archiving
IntellaTap – switch-embedded high-density TAPs, 40G ethernet packet aggregator
Symmetricom – enhanced security GPS network time server
Netronome – SSL inspection and flow processing hardware
Arista – switch hardware
F5 – application delivery controller
OSI Hardware & Telecom – used Cisco and Juniper gear + optical transceivers
iBoss – web filter & application firewall hardware
Anue – network monitoring switches
Storageflex – storage hardware
Gnodal – 10 to 40 GbE switching hardware
Spirent – layer 2 to 7 testing solutions, hardware + software
ElfIQ – link balancers
Gigamon – traffic visibility fabric hardware
WorldWide Suppy – new and used network gear
Apposite – WAN emulator
amer networks – network gear
AMAX – HPC and storage gear
Synology – network attached storage appliances

Hardware Components
OCZ enterprise – solid state drives manufactured for enterprise + OEM
Accolade Technology – hardware component built for network + security monitoring
Hot Lava Systems – multi-port 10 G ethernet network adapters
MoSys – IP-rich fabless semiconductors
Napatech – data capture and replay adapter
Ciena – carrier ethernet service delivery hardware
axelsys – electronics design and manufacturing [From TiECon]

Managed & Outsourced Services
Inktank – ceph integration service
Verisign – response service
netMonitor – 24/7 networking monitoring and reporting service
Arista – network architecture services
Dimension data – network integration and management

Staffing & Training
Yoh – technical recruiting service
The Hacker Academy – systems and network admin dojo
gild – sweet tool if you do recruiting on the development side [From TiECon]
UC Berkeley – Engineering leadership program [From TiECon]
letslunch – eHarmony for professional networking [From TiECon]

If you see anything interesting and want to speak with someone at one of these companies, we probably have contact info, as well as some collateral. Ping [email protected].

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