Anthony is a Telecom Executive with extensive experience in strategic planning, management, and execution of the sales cycle for information technology and telecommunications products and services. He also has extensive experience within the financial services industry, with an understanding of financial and bankruptcy processes. Anthony is currently CEO and President of Hidalgo Communications, as well as a founding member of The Renegade Trust.

This interview was conducted by Reesa Abrams on August 5, 2015. You can contact Reesa through, or find Reesa on Linkedin.


Tell us a little about yourself…

I am Anthony. Anthony is creative, powerful, innovative, loving, and compassionate. I am also father to Isabella who is 9, Gabrielle who is 7, and Alessandra who is 5.  I have an ex-spouse with whom I share parenting.  I am son to Joanne and brother to Nicole as well.

What do you do?

I run Hidalgo Communications, a technology consulting company specializing in telecommunications: fiber optics, collocation and cloud solutions.  We advise companies of all sizes on telecommunications transactions. We are based in NJ and the NY tri-state market.  60% of our business is local.  The other 40% is global.

What is your relationship with Sean and Open Spectrum, Inc. (OSI)?

OSI is a trusted partner.  Sean Tario is a personal friend.  Sean and I were introduced by mutual friends and we realized immediately that we had very common values. After a series of deep and personal conversations, OSI and Hidalgo Communications became co-founders and 2 of the 3 managing partners of the Renegade Trust. Brian Fleming from Fort Capital Resources is the 3rd co-founder and managing partner.  The Renegade Trust was formed to create a globally recognized exclusive consortium of specialists within the IT Infrastructure Industry.  “Trust” is our bedrock foundation. It is what we are built on and continue to build with.  We call ourselves “renegades” because we believe we are providing a different business model within the industry.  We believe all work starts with honesty with oneself, our partners, and our clients.  We are not afraid to be honest with ourselves. We follow a value based system and focus on long term value creation.  We work always with our partners, clients, and ourselves to navigate to the truth.  Business is personal.  All humans can accomplish whatever their heart desires.  We enable people to pursue their dreams, passions, and fantasies and convert them into today’s business realities.  We think self care and self discovery are above everything else and that will change the industry and provide a better sustainable service for everyone.

How does it feel to be told you are a leader?

It feels great!  The first thing that comes to mind is accountability.  There is accountability to myself, the people who work for me, and my partners.

Did an event have a strong impact upon you causing you to become a leader?

I have been an entrepreneur most of my life. It was a series of events.  I came into my entrepreneurial self very early in life. My first business was in the 5th grade.  I convinced a candy store owner to give me candy on consignment and after lunch I would sell candy in the school lunchroom.  Something early on had me believing that money was power in the world.  I learned early that making money was a form of security as a child. I have matured since then.

In High School I ran a successful exterminating company.  I did not want to go to college because of the success.  My mom got involved and introduced me to some of her friends on Wall Street when I was 17 years old and I then became an apprentice to them.  In 1996 I moved to Europe and had a seat on the Budapest Stock Exchange.  In 1998 I moved back to New York and by then, everything on Wall Street was technology.  That is when I made the switch to technology.  I co-founded my first telecommunications company.

Having had a series of bosses and partners in my life, I did not like the leadership that existed in my technology business sector.  I had a vision of what a company should be and I was determined to implement that vision. In 2010 I decided I wanted to be a leader and formed Hidalgo Communications.  The negative experiences that I had taught me the boundaries I needed to implement in my partnership connections.

What business values are important to you in running your business?

When I first became a leader I did not know what that meant and what I wanted to create other than a strong financial empire.  I did, however, begin to learn what I did not want to create.  So I spent time connecting with myself through meditation to find out who I am. That is where I came to learn that “Trust” was the most important value. Add to that, aligning with the needs of the customer and delivering what you commit to. It is all about building a trusting relationship.

What values are important to you in partnering with another company?

Again, “Trust” is the first thing that comes to mind.  Intention (business vision) needs to be aligned as well.  There has to be value in the deal.  It is not just about money.  There has to be a common mission.  It is about making sure the customer is happy; what do we want to create together? Do our missions align compatibly? It is not just about will it sell.
If it creates value then it will sell. I used to approach things purely from the perspective of will it sell. I learned that if I am not adding value it does not feel good.

What lessons have you learned that you feel make you stronger? 

First: fully knowing myself.  I work at being completely ok with ALL of me:  the good, the bad, the things I like about me, and the things I am afraid of. I learned to not be afraid of being vulnerable just because others see it as weakness. I believe in self respect; i.e. truly honoring myself has allowed me to truly honor other people and it has made me stronger.  Wholeness is where transparency comes from.  I meditate daily every morning when I wake up.  On days when I do not meditate, the flow of my energy is off.  I have been joining spiritual networking groups.  I also study Yoga.

How do you soothe yourself when you feel bad?

I meditate.  I try to quiet my mind. I do a style of Yoga Meditation called Hatha Yoga which is about preparing my body for meditation; breathing through my nose and concentrating on my breath.  Making peace with my mind is powerful.  Realizing what is real and what is not. Realize what is coming from ego, fear and the judgment ruling the mind. Being able to handle that is very comforting.

What process do you follow when you judge yourself in an unproductive manner?

I meditate through my process and I use my support system.

What is your support system?

I have a fantastic support system. My family is the key for me. Additionally I formed a spiritual entrepreneur group.  We all share the same set of values.  We have this support group where we lean on each other for advice.  When I need support I call my community.  Most people have been through something similar.  They help me to get up again when I fall.  It is a beautiful thing.

What one message would you like to leave behind?

Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  I want to create a world for my kids where they can be themselves and not be what someone thinks they should be.

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