Data Center Market Reports

Open Spectrum provides intense data center intelligence, experience and training. As a part of our ongoing commitment to the data center marketplace, the Data Center Market Reports have been designed to support our agents and their customer’s increasing need to centralize IT operations, hardware, and data storage. The information found in each Data Center Market Report is designed to be service provider agnostic, accurate, highly relevant, and actionable for anyone working within the industry. In producing these reports, we pool information . Each report is compiled in coordination with members of the Open Spectrum Alliance and from our own dealings around the data center marketplace working directly with hundreds of buyers, sellers, and investors,

Where will you host?

Get up to date intel on market rates, connectivity, and available capacity across the country and around the globe.

Each report includes

Regional industry trends, local data center directories and comparisons, geolocation risk factors, network latency, and much more.

Successful strategic planning

Get the latest data for your strategic planning in our data center market reports, and make informed decisions.

  • Earthquake Risk 50% 50%
  • Hurricane Risk 70% 70%
  • Tornado Risk 30% 30%
  • Lightning Risk 79% 79%
  • Thunderstorm Risk 90% 90%
  • Wildfire Risk 13% 13%
  • Precipitation Assessment 59% 59%
  • Thunderstorm Risk 90% 90%

Number of data center providers

Number of data center locations

Number of fortune 500 companies

The following organizations are a part of the Open Spectrum Alliance and provide contributing information to the Data Center Market Reports:

NEF's Fiberlocator

NEF’s FiberLocator product is a comprehensive telecom, colocation and lit building database whose data can be accessed in single servings with a snapshot, in ongoing research with the online application, in customized report deliverables and also via API (application programming interface).

Structured Research

Structure Research is an independent research and consulting firm, with a special focus on the Internet Infrastructure Market. They publish insightful research and analysis with a uniquely informed perspective.

Bryan Cave

Bryan Cave is a US based law firm with a cross functional team of experienced partners. Our engagement is focused specifically on those in the firm with intimate knowledge of the data center and telecommunications industry who have been on the leading edge of industry-related local, state and national tax legislation issues.

Market reports from our partners

Singapore Data Centre Supply Report
Structured Research – Singapore Data Centre Supply Report
Structure Research Hong Kong Data Centre Supply Report
Structure Research – Hong Kong Data Centre Supply Report
Structure Research - Marketshare Report: Global Data Centre Colocation
Structure Research – Marketshare Report: Global Data Centre Colocation
Structure Research Hong Kong Data Centre Supply Report
Structure Research – Hot Topic Report: Cloud and Wholesale Colocation

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