I am thrilled to be writing to you today because Open Spectrum has a new partnership with Communication for Geeks.

Based out of New York, Communication for Geeks teaches business communications and sales assist skills to technical people. Their customized workshops, or Tools for Techies, as they say, will help tech specialists become more comfortable, confident, and profitable in front of customers and all the way up the C-suite.

Communication for Geeks own Chief Executive Geek Gordon Adelsberg said, “We look at our training from a different perspective. It’s more than simply finding a problem and giving a solution. We ask our clients to look at how things could be. You have all these people with terrific tech skills, but are you unlocking all of their value? How would your business benefit if all of them were excellent at the sales assist, and how would that set them up for great careers?”

While Open Spectrum has primarily been focused on teaching the language of the data center marketplace to sales professionals, Communication for Geeks teaches the language of sales to the engineers who support the data center marketplace. Seamlessly integrating the content and trainers from Communication for Geeks into our existing platform is a huge win and value add for our ecosystem of clients and partners.

I am so blessed to be able to work with this team and network of amazing people. Stay in touch, and check back for further announcements as our team and network continue to grow with more quality, experienced consultants across the country over the coming weeks and months.

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