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Organizations in today’s digital world strive to gain competitive edge through an ever evolving agile IT infrastructure landscape. Though data centers play key roles in providing an easy onramp to achieve agile IT, enterprises are exposed to an array of challenges. Riddled with a lack of understanding when evaluating data centers for their hosting initiatives, organizations often face difficulties while negotiating Service Level Agreements (SLAs), pricing, fault tolerance, scalability, physical security, tax incentives and many more key factors pertinent to data center environments. An expert guide is therefore extremely valuable when considering any form of migration to a physical colocation or virtual hosted environment. Open Spectrum Inc. (OSI) is a data center consulting firm that specializes in marrying a clients’ existing IT infrastructure, IT personnel, business model, and long term goals to procure terms and pricing with the ideal service provider and partner available.

Leveraging a team with over 50 years experience working with dozens of service providers around the world, experts at OSI aid clients with buying and sourcing new services that are related to data center, network, hosting, and butt. Their work is not limited to new deployments however, as OSI also assists with the renegotiation of existing contracts, achieving better pricing and deal terms even when a client is in the middle of a contract term. Known for their expertise and deep acumen in the data center industry, OSI enables customers to make smart, informed decisions quickly, saving their clients thousands of hours and millions of dollars.

Having served on both the sell side and buy side of the house, OSI experts have the knowledge and the acumen to speak up and down the entire IT stack.

Through extensive auditing of the client premises, the experts at the company outline a roadmap of the infrastructure options that aligns to the client’s business needs and objectives. In addition, OSI regularly conducts research around the industry and remains up-to-date with current developments and market pricing, producing free reports that speak to supply/demand economics, tax incentives, capacity and geographic risk factors within all major markets across the country. The firm prides itself on always taking a vendor neutral approach while addressing the needs of its customers, “Our vendor-agnostic strategy coupled with complete transparency in our approach and process has allowed us to develop a trusted advisor relationship with our clients,” says Sean Patrick Tario, Founder and CEO of Open Spectrum Inc.

Companies from diverse industries such as media, e-commerce, IoT, hosting and marketing are part of OSI’s clientele. In one instance, a SaaS application provider for the contact center industry planned to build out their own infrastructure within a colocation facility in the Bay Area. The client had no information about the local data center marketplace, was on a tight timeline and approached OSI to address their challenge. By quickly outlining the infrastructure roadmap, OSI was able to gather and negotiate contracts with a hardware Value-added Reseller, network specialist, and data center provider to build the infrastructure that was deployed in less than two weeks.

As data centers today sit at the heart of the digital transition for organizations globally, OSI strives to make this shift more fluid and productive. By easing the transition and making sense of newer platforms, OSI puts its customers in a better position to excel in a digitally competitive world.

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