With the blessing of my patient, loving and supportive wife, 12 months ago I left the safety of a full time lucrative career as a consistent top performing sales executive for the largest private IT Infrastructure provider in the USA and took a chance focusing 100% of my energy serving as a client advocate, consultant and broker. My mission at the time was to build an organization and process that put passion, accurate thinking and ethics first, with the understanding and faith that these three ingredients would assuredly produce happy clients, happy partners and a profitable business. I am proud to say that by the Grace of God, WITH YOUR HELP and the continued support of my family, friends, clients and partners OSI IS NOW IN THE BLACK and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Some metrics worth sharing that we’ve accomplished over the past 12 months:

  1. Access to Over 100+ Partners/Service Providers in Contract
  2. 18 Clients
  3. Over 15 Different Partners/Service Providers Leveraged on Deals Closed
  4. 100% of Closed Deals/Leads have come through Referrals Leveraging our Existing Client/Partner/SubAgent Ecosystem
  5. Over 20 Active SubAgents
  6. Eight Newsletters sent to over 2,000+ recipients with an average 25% view rate and over 6% click through rate.
  7. Solutions Successfully Sold & Brokered Include:
    • Metered Power Colo (200-500 kW)
    • Retail Colo (single rack to multi-rack cage environments across multiple locations)
    • Large Transit Peering Fabric (10 Gbps+)
    • Small Transit (10-100 Mbps)
    • Transport (P2P, MPLS, etc.)
    • Hosting – Managed Elastic Environments
    • Hosting – Managed Dedicated Environments
    • Hardware – Private Managed Elastic Environments
    • Hardware – Servers, Switches, Routers, etc.
    • Recruiting – FTE Placements
    • Infrastructure Sales Consulting/Training

Nutshell, we are now successfully living our dream, firing on all cylinders, growing the firm into key markets around the world and looking to transform the light we’ve established on the mountain top into a raging bonfire for ALL to see. Thank you again for your help getting us to where we are today and thank you in advance for your support as we execute on a model of passion, accurate thinking and ethics within the vast industry we serve. Cheers, Sean Patrick Tario Founder/CEO/Catalyst Open Spectrum Inc.

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