Below is the complete list of solutions Open Spectrum Inc. can bring to the table leveraging the 200+ vetted and trusted service providers within our ecosystem. To be clear, we will 99.9% of the time be able to pick up, have a conversation and provide value with a client who is in need of ANY of these services.

Datacenter – Wholesale
Datacenter – Retail Colocation
Datacenter – “by the u”
Datacenter – Custom Build
Hosting – Dedicated Physical
Hosting – Dedicated Virtual
Hosting – Managed Private
Hosting – Managed Shared
Hosting – Disaster Recovery
Cloud – Unmanaged Public
Cloud – Managed Public
Cloud – Unmanaged Private
Cloud – Managed Private
Cloud – Hybrid
Voice – VOIP
Voice – Hosted VOIP
Voice – Dedicated and Switched
WAN – IP Connectivity
WAN – Access
Equipment – Hardware
Equipment – Infrastructure
Equipment – Support Contracts
Recruiting – FTE
Recruiting – Part Time Placement
Recruiting – Contractors
Professional Services – Datacenter Migration
Professional Services – Data Migration
Professional Services – Office Migration
Professional Services – Architecture/Design
Professional Services – Project Management
Managed – Applications
Managed – NOC/SOC
Managed – Network
Managed – Systems
Managed – VDI

Future posts will provide detailed definitions and descriptions of what the specific differences are within each category, but if you have an immediate question, give us a shout!

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