The industry has been talking for nearly a decade about IPv4 address space running out and it’s never happened… until actually just a few months ago when it DID happen. Prior to this though, some brilliant friends of mine over at 6connect (Richard, Aaron, Pete, and Jamien) were already well on their way developing tools to help companies manage the transition from IPv4 to IPv6. I’m stoked to say they’ve now “officially” launched after raising nearly $2M in Series A financing, have signed up customers such as Abovenet and Twitter, and have been receiving some well deserved press from Network World and Data Center Knowledge.

Specifically, their company represents a new generation of IP Address Management vendors that have built their platforms for IPv6 from the ground up. While many v4 management software tools now have an added v6 feature set, reality is not a lot of these legacy tools actually work, as they were an after thought bolt-on. 6connect has come out with a purpose built platform that can support a dual stacked architecture for v4 and v6, while supporting key features such as RIR integrations and automated SWIPs (missing from v4-based solutions) that are huge time savers for admins in a v6 world.

I would definitely keep an eye out for them even if IPAM isn’t something you particularly care about – BUT, if you ARE interested in learning more about the transition from v4 to v6, give em’ a hollar and sign up to take 6connect’s IPAM platform out for a FREE TEST DRIVE!

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