We recently came across a service that blew our minds in how they effectively leverage all things awesome about elastic computing to deliver a service that, bar none, can’t be beat in their respective industry. That company is SOASTA¬†and we HIGHLY recommend you check them out.

If you are not familiar with the company, in a nutshell, their CloudTest platform automates mobile & web application testing leveraging an elastic computing model that is saving companies large and small a TON of time and money load testing, debugging and discovering bottle necks… and yes, we forgive them for their usage of “cloud”, because the service is simply that cool.

Though this may not sound too awesome at first glance, consider this – As applications become more and more sophisticated, supporting multi-touch, gesture, voice, 3D, etc., the tools used to validate this functionality and user experience has needed to become more sophisticated as well. For example, if you develop apps for mobile devices, you might have noticed that the Android SDK and the iOS Simulator do not really prepare your creation for real world usage at scale. Unless you have the smartest coder(s) on the planet who can not only write flawless code but also take into consideration how this code will interact with everything else and scale on your specific backend systems, load testing is a necessity and SOASTA offers a solution to help take the trial and error game out of pushing production code live.

The company’s latest edition, CloudTest Lite, is an offering that enables rapid test creation and real-time resolution for performance testing early and often throughout the development lifecycle. Delivering internal testing behind the firewall on a single server, CloudTest Lite allows you to execute performance tests of up to 100 concurrent virtual users in development, QA, staging or production. Clearly testing 100 users will not feed you much information, but it’s their freemium version designed to let you play around with the tools and see just how powerful the paid version is.

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Along with CloudTest, we were also blown away by SOASTA’s TouchTest product, which was referenced above and is in beta right now. SOASTA’s TouchTest platform is definitely a step in the right direction as it allows you to conduct touch-based UI testing from INSIDE real devices, allowing you to gather data on exactly how an application is used and quickly deploy and automate precision functional testing.

Our conclusion is that if the success of your business depends in some way on the usability and functionality of a consumer facing application, be it web or mobile, and you haven’t tried or heard of CloudTest, YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY CHECK THEM OUT. We’d be happy to walk you through the details, so don’t hesitate to give us a shout and if you feel you have a better solution, we’ll even bet you $50 you don’t.

CloudTest Lite can be downloaded for FREE below and can be used on an Unlimited Basis:

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