Rob DeVita – I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 25


This week on the I Love Data Centers podcast: Past, Present & Future of OPEN IX & Carrier Hotels, I interview the Managing Director of Mejeticks, Robert DeVita.

Rob attended one of my data center bootcamps in Denver years ago and instantly became an advocate for the education I was providing the industry. It took all of a few minutes for me to become a huge advocate of his as well as he is, truly, a master of his craft. He also knows how to throw epic parties, which is shared passion of ours.

After nearly 2 decades working for various data center service providers, Rob made the jump to the client representation side exclusively last year and hasn’t looked back. Our conversation covers the evolution of Open IX, an organization he currently serves on the Board of, lessons learned working in the industry, and a candid conversation about what the future of interconnection and carrier hotels might look like.


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Robert DeVita – I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 25


Episode 025 Show Notes

  • 1:12 Episode Starts
  • 3:34 Rob’s upbringing and getting his start in the industry
  • 8:57 Working at AT&T
  • 11:13 Working at Telx
  • 15:52 Rob’s thoughts on the Equinix acquisition of Infomart
  • 20:42 How is the heavy amount of construction going on in the suburbs affecting Dallas?
  • 26:35 Why Rob decided to start his own consulting firm
  • 28:53 What is Open-IX?
  • 33:07 How Open-IX has evolved and how Rob got started in it
  • 36:55 Are major companies like Google, Microsoft and Netflix still involved in Open-IX?
  • 40:23 Should these major companies get a different rate for interconnection services?
  • 43:07 Why are companies like DCIX and LINX trying to enter the US marketplace?
  • 47:22 How major interconnection providers are driving innovation in the marketplace
  • 52:25 Rob’s advice for newcomers in the industry
  • 1:00:13 How Private Equity coming into the industry is affecting how businesses operate
  • 1:08:33 Something you have learned over the past few months that has blown your mind?
  • 1:11:37 Is there anything new you see that will change our industry?
  • 1:13:56 The best advice Rob received while working at AT&T
  • 1:19:20 How to get in contact with Rob
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