It is rare, even in our industry, that you find an engineer or business executive who is truly passionate about IT Infrastructure. At OSI, such people are a breath of fresh air and thus we would like to introduce you to a new friend of ours Bill Norton (aka Dr. Peering) who, among many things, was a Co-Founder of the global datacenter provider Equinix, served on the Technical Advisory Board at Telx, and now works full time as an author and consultant focused on advising and training companies to manage complex peering networks.

Our team in fact has now all finished his book The Internet Peering Playbook : Connecting to the Core of the Internet and we HIGHLY recommend it for anyone working in or around the IT Infrastructure space. Even those of you who think you already know everything there is to know about networks, I guarantee you’ll find some nuggets of new and insightful information. It’s thick, but extremely comprehensive and so long as you have a basic understanding of how the internet works you should have no problem following the chapters and concepts presented. The price tag on the book is steep at $50, but considering that this amounts to roughly 10 minutes of any consultant’s time who is half as smart as Bill on this topic, I feel it is well worth it.

Seriously, hats off to Bill. Thank you.

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