Many of you have already met or heard from my business partner and right hand man Fan Zhu, but to those of you who haven’t had the chance yet I hope you do soon. Fan is a huge technology geek and semi-professional jack-of-all-trades. His passion for business technology and diverse background as a marketer, recruiter, broker, and entrepreneur makes him a rock star to work with and why I hired him full time the second I could.

I met Fan when he was still a student at UC Santa Cruz through the school’s internship program, which I was involved with at the time through a course I taught called “So You Think You Want to be an Entrepreneur?” While he wasn’t officially even a part of the program, he kept showing up and got heavily involved. He excelled and quickly became the star of the group. That’s what I love about Fan; He simply jumps in, learns quick, and gets sh*t done. Today, Fan manages the operations side of OSI – everything from marketing, to managing deals, to managing and onboarding partners… pretty much anything I drop on his lap. I look foward to working and growing with him for years to come and hope that many of you will have that opportunity as well. So if you hear from him or see him, give him a hug (or just shake his hand) and let him know how we can help you with whatever it is you’re working on.

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