I first got to know Jason while he was the CTO at Discovery Mining; A forward thinking SaaS company serving the e-litigation industry which was bought out by Interwoven in 2008, then bought out by Autonomy in 2009 and finally bought out by HP. While representing Jason as his account manager for his datacenter provider at the time, I always loved his questions and responses to the generic communication that was fed down to our client base re: status reports of our network, updates on infrastructure “improvements” that were being made, etc..

Yep, I said loved. Why you ask? Well, he pushed back and asked questions that forced both myself and the technical support staff at our company to get “real” with our responses and communication with our customers… or at least THIS customer. Most in my role would get, and did get, frustrated with having to focus on “non revenue generating activities” such as client management, but to this end I learned more about the actual redundancy of our support infrastructure, physical architecture and make up of our network and the variables at play in looking at the thermodynamics of a datacenter or a given rack of servers within a datacenter. More than anyone I had worked with prior, Jason taught me the value of knowing the right questions to ask, from a client’s point of view, when dealing with IT infrastructure vendors… and for this I am eternally grateful as it’s helped shape me into who I am and what I do today.

Fast forward a few years and I’m happy to say Jason is still trying to give back to geeks in need through a number of interesting mobile and web application projects as well as through his pretty awesome blog entitled “The Art of Troubleshooting”, which I’m hoping he turns into a book someday. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU CHECK OUT HIS BLOG and if you feel you could use Jason’s help with any projects you’re working on or to provide a different perspective to a particularly troubling problem you’re working on, don’t hesitate to ask me for an introduction.

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