If you know me, you’ve likely heard my rant on how disturbing it is that ethics and accountability are so severely lacking and glossed over in most high tech companies today. Though my friends who work in other industries like to remind me that high tech isn’t the only industry with its fair share of selfish assholes and organizations that say one thing and do another, I have decided to put my money where my mouth is.  To this extent, I’ve brought on as our Director of Ethics and Accountability a good friend of mine, and one of the most humble, compassionate, intelligent and loving guys I know, Ted Hahs.

For more info on Ted check out his Linkedin Page and/or his Bio on our About Us Page.

At the core of this hire and decision is our desire to build a company that not just SAYS that it cares about ethics and accountability, like almost all sales reps and companies do today, but actually holds itself accountability in a tangible way to living and practicing these values on a day to day basis.  To this end, Ted’s role is to help us continue to build the systems and support structures we need to ensure anyone and everyone who works for, or is served by, our people will know that something is truly different about OSI in almost every way.

To those who continue to say and feel that ethics, integrity and accountability are an ideal that can not exist within the business climate today… To those who continue to compromise their own ethics to make a short term buck at the expense of others… To those who wish their was a company that actually practiced what they preached and operated from a core of Integrity… I challenge you to raise your eyes and follow OSI over the coming months and years to come. I challenge you to challenge us as we continue to prove that focusing on providing value and doing so with integrity is not only profitable but sustainable, far less stressful and far more fulfilling.

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