I Love Data Centers Podcast – Inaugural Episode

Welcome to the I Love Data Centers Podcast, inaugural episode. The I Love Data Centers podcast provides raw and honest advice, plus some entertaining stories, about the data center industry that drives the digital world in which we live. In this first episode of the “I Love Data Centers” podcast, The Heart and Soul of eBay’s Infrastructure, Sean interviews Richard Donaldson, Director of Business Operations  and Strategy, with eBay.

You can listen to the podcast on this page, or click to listen and subscribe on our SoundCloud page. Now, without further delay, here it is:

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Episode 1 – The Heart and Soul of eBay’s Infrastructure

Episode 1 Show Notes

  • Introduction [1:12]
  • Where are you right now? [3:33]
  • Background and role at eBay [09:13]
  • What got you interested in tech? [13:41]
  • Why Richard Donaldson was brought into eBay [22:07]
  • First data center experience? [27:15]
  • Trace routes [29:45]
  • First computer you owned? [36:16]
  • Changes in the industry over the past decade [38:51]
  • Edge Connex [45:15]
  • Common misconceptions in the industry today? [51:16]
  • Most fascinating things you have learned since working in the industry? [53:04]
  • Advice you would give someone new to the industry to help accelerate their career? [56:43]
  • On specialization and the medicinal marijuana industry [01:00:04]
  • How to connect with Richard Donaldson [01:01:39]

Links Mentioned in Episode

Connect with Richard on LinkedIn

Forward – startup in San Francisco

Trace Route Fundamentals

Edge Connex – Fast growing data center provider

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