I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “Quality and Quantity”, or probably better stated “Quality vs. Quantity”, as it is coming into play both personally and at work more and more often. I’m fully aware that almost everything I’m about to write has been written before… but I wanted to share my thoughts.

Who would you rather be?

   Case Study #1

You have 1,000’s of friends who only know you by your business card or Facebook and Linkedin profile. Of them, you only know a hand full of people who you feel REALLY know you well and that would be there for you in a flash if needed.


You have a few 100 friends who have spent some time getting to know you over lunch or drinks or on the phone, email, twitter… whatever. You can recall these people, how you know them and what they were working on last time you spoke.

   Case Study #2

You’re in sales and have to maintain a certain quota of accounts but are constantly having to hunt for new accounts because your clients keep leaving you and your company because you sold them something they didn’t need, sold them something that wasn’t the ideal solution for them, or sold them a service you couldn’t deliver on.


You’re in sales and have to maintain a certain quota of accounts but focus on building honest relationships with your book of accounts, directing them event to your competition when you know it would be a better fit. You are gradually able to hit your quotas after an initial ramp phase by simply asking your current and past relationships for referrals instead of pounding the pavement or cold calling into companies that you hope and pray will be interested in your services.

   Case Study #3

You have a dozen employees or direct reports who you don’t know outside of work. You feel they should all be grateful to you for even providing them with a job in such a horrible economy. You also feel your employees are nowhere near as smart as you because you’re the one that built the business/division/office and they are just subservient replaceable worker bees/ants/gophers, etc.


You have employees who you try to get to know fairly well both in and out of the office. You TRY to treat them with dignity and respect because you realize this is how you would in turn like to be treated. You’ve intentionally tried to hire people who are smarter or more talented/experienced than you in their respective field of work.  Your team in return openly shares information with you when asked, and even when not asked, and are constantly seeking to improve and impress because they feel as though they are a part of a team and involved with something much bigger than just a job that pays the bills.


Though these are all clearly slanted in one direction, reality is, each is a case study I’ve experienced and I continue to experience on an almost daily basis… as I’m sure you have too. To this extent, I would like to encourage you to be more intentional about being a positive force both in your personal life and at work. Focus on the long term deeper side of both your relationship with yourself and those around you and I promise you will be more fulfilled in everything you do. People are naturally attracted to those who are genuine and passionate about what they do, who they are, and who they share the journey/game of life with. Those who fake this passion and authenticity are eventually exposed and so I would also like to encourage you to spend some time each day/week to find your passion and your true self.  It’s worth it.  You’re worth it.  Those around you are worth it.

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