Todd Smith – I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 12

logo with paddingWhen we started the I Love Data Centers podcast a few months ago I committed to providing you with raw, honest advice and entertaining stories that will bring you some new, thought-provoking perspectives from people I have met in my career who are unequivocal experts in the data center industry.  If you are in any way involved with selling within the data center marketplace, this specific podcast is a MUST LISTEN!

In the 12th episode, Selling the Data Center Marketplace to IT and the C Suite, I am stoked to introduce you to one of the industry experts from our own team, Todd Smith. Todd is a partner with Open Spectrum who loves data centers and who cut his teeth in the industry while working at CyrusOne .

During the interview, Todd and I stress the importance of understanding the nuts and bolts of your customer’s infrastructure during any engagement. Speaking to business drivers, applications and day-to-day operations are the most important conversations that must be had with executives. Your ability to tie the whole conversation together, marrying technology with practical business needs and requirements, significantly elevates the value you should be bringing to your clients within every engagement.

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Episode 12 -Selling the Data Center Marketplace to IT and the C-Suite

Episode 12 Show Notes

  • 1:11 Interview starts
  • 2:28 Todd’s background
  • 5:26 How Todd got involved in technology
  • 5:56 Why Todd got involved in the data center industry
  • 7:22 Working for the security company
  • 9:21 Todd’s most memorable experience working there
  • 12:06 What it was like working at CyrusOne
  • 15:31 Working internally with CyrusOne
  • 17:45 Being the director of customer relations
  • 19:51 How Sean and Todd met
  • 21:35 The evolution of the data center market over the past decade
  • 27:16 Investing in an in house data center
  • 28:45 Why would CyrusOne require customers to have the building materials and rec layouts before they could install in the building?
  • 30:23 Primary shifts over the past decade
  • 33:38 Todd’s advice for newcomers in the data center marketplace
  • 37:22 The cost of downtime
  • 40:46 What are some eye opening questions to ask clients?
  • 44:29 The reason for productizing the ROI 360
  • 47:22 Why not rely on a data center provider to solve client’s problems?
  • 52:57 What is overlooked or misunderstood about the industry?
  • 58:35 What is the backdrop on your laptop?
  • 59:07 The state of data centers in Houston today
  • 1:00:12 Some of the major players in the Houston data center market
  • 1:02:21 Todd’s closing remarks


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