Stuart Robbins – I Love Data Centers Podcast Episode 14

This week on the I Love Data Centers podcast, my guest Stuart Robbins and I discuss Systems Theory, Technology, Ethics, and Corporate Transformation.

I was introduced to Stuart Robbins through reading his book, “Lessons in Grid Computing: The System Is a Mirror,” over a decade ago. As a young professional that had just transitioned from being a full time entrepreneur to working in “Corporate America,” the book provided a foundation in systems theory as it applies to corporations and Information Technology. After reading the book, I reached out to Stuart directly and somehow convinced him to join me for lunch in San Francisco back in 2005, which initiated a friendship that has persisted ever since.

In truth, there are few books, outside maybe Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel “DUNE,” that have as many passages underlined and my chicken scratch throughout the open margins than Stuart’s. There are also few executives and consultants I have ever met as humble and enlightened as Stuart who can navigate and intertwine fluently the topics of sociology, psychology, technology, systems theory, theology, politics, ethics, entrepreneurship and corporate culture. As such, you can imagine how overjoyed I was to have the stars align to spend a week with him in Raleigh as he mirrored me in my office (even living in the guest wing of my home) for an entire week! This episode is a snap shot into one of the many reoccurring and enlightening conversations Stuart and I had throughout the time we had together.


This episode is different than most and can be rather heavy listening. My hope in sharing this conversation between Stuart and myself is that it contributes to your evolutionary journey and experience within the intense and rather overwhelming times we live in today. I welcome your feedback on the topic, thanks for listening! 

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Episode 14 – Systems Theory, Technology, Ethics, and Corporate Transformation


Episode 14 Systems Theory, Technology, Ethics, and Corporate Transformation Show Notes

  • 1:11 Interview starts
  • 3:38 Stuart’s response to Brian Patrick Green quote
  • 16:35 What to do if you see conflict in your job environment but are in a low-power position?
  • 21:32 Stuart’s start in technology
  • 30:30 Wasting time in startups
  • 32:45 Stuart on the necessity for regulations and “bully” A.I.
  • 37:46 The failure of acquisitions   
  • 46:21 Where are things trending?
  • 52:01 Are things trending in an ethical direction?
  • 58:49 Crispr anology
  • 01:06:33 Alternate paradigms 
  • 01:10:09 How healthy movements spread
  • 01:14:58 Modern tribalism
  • 01:16:01 The “virus” anaology
  • 01:28:16 How to take advantage of being at the peak of an economic cycle


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Stuart Robbins

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