I’ve spent the past 8 years working with dozens of entrepreneurs and service providers from Ireland that have taught me a great many things and impressed the heck out of me. Paying tribute to these most awesome Irishmen and women, and in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, this month I want to focus your attention on the most awesome Republic of Ireland.

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From an infrastructure perspective, it’s important to note that Digital Realty Trust, Telecity and Interxion have all recently built out some very large new commercial datacenters in Ireland. This is specifically because doing business in Ireland simply makes FAR MORE economic sense than most of the rest of the Eurozone with Corporate Tax Rates at 12.5%, latency a non-issue with fiber built out direct to the US and across Europe, real estate and labor costs cheaper than most of the Eurozone and the productivity of the Irish worker measured at nearly 10x their counterparts in the UK.

In short, Ireland is rocking these days and I encourage you to check out the video above if you have not already and the links below to learn more:

Ireland’s Digital Ecosystem

Key Facts About Ireland

More Key Facts About Ireland

Why Dublin’s Tech Scene is Booming

Big Thank You goes to David Smith, Garry Connolly and my friends at Enterprise Ireland and IDA. Thank you for all you do, keep up the amazing work… and PLEASE find me an excuse to expense another trip to Ireland already!

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