“The Internet Must Go” is a short documentary about Net Neutrality (see trailer below) that I feel EVERYONE who uses the internet, for any purpose, MUST watch. It’s smart, funny and speaks to exactly what is going on and why it matters to EVERYONE.

“In 2012, market researcher John Wooley was dispatched to help the big ISPs figure out how to sell their vision for a “faster,” “cleaner” Internet. ¬†Six months later he produced this report — and shared it with the world.”

In truth, I almost didn’t watch this because… well it’s 30 minutes long, I already “get” Net Neutrality, and I had a laundry list of things I needed to get done before headed home to see the family after a long weekend away… but I am very glad I did. I can guarantee you will be too.

This will hopefully be the much needed viral video that educates the general public to care, learn more, and take action on this topic.


I’ve included below an info-graphic that has been around for some time, and used in the film, that may also help you better understand exactly what is being proposed. In brief, AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner, etc. are looking to convert your internet access into a sort of Cable service giving you the illusion of choice as you try and access content around the world.

net neutrality

Please watch the film and share this far and wide!


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